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forum doesnt work in tapatalk anymore


Hello there,
I remember using slickedit community forum in androids tapatalk app without any problems. For a while now (couple months i think) fprum cant be accessed from the app. an error is being showed that the app cant connect to the server.
I dont know either a lot of community members use tapatalk for accesing these forums but it would be really awesome for me to be abble to use it again :) 

The app can't talk to which server?  The app's web service server, or to

Either way, the app's author is probably the best first contact.

To be more precise, the app says i that there is no internet connection and i shuld try next time. The other forums i use works just fine though. I thought of it as tapatalk problem but all other forums i ise work, apart from slickedit community.

It stopped working for me a few weeks ago too.  The message I get is saying to contact the forum administrator.  Maybe SlickEdit need to update the SMF tapatalk plugin.


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