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Multiple independent tab bars?
« on: April 23, 2014, 10:12:53 pm »
Issue:  When working on src in one dir of a workspace, I might reference src in another dir which potentially has lots of filename overlap (esp. w.r.t. "sources", "dirs", "makefile", etc.).  Right now, it is difficult to quickly distinguish between similar-named files in different dirs without the tabs requiring overly-lengthy titles (path+name).

Suggestion:  What would be very useful is a way to "group" sets of files' tabs, either across distinct tab bars, by color, or some other method allowing rapid visual differentiation.  Automated coloring would be okay, but also allowing manual coloring rule overrides would be ideal if going the tab color route.

I'd be fine with manually dragging-dropping tabs to the additional tab bars, so long as they stay there, and new files don't open randomly between tab bars or such.  I would like the number of tab bars present tracked in the environment, or better, in workspace, along with which files' tabs belong in which bar (if possible).  As noted, some form of tab color-coding either manually or by directory (where only files in same dir or subtree share tab color) would also work to address the issue.

I don't suppose there's any way to make something like this work in v18 is there?  I'm guessing tab color is hard-coded in v18, but what about the multiple tab bar approach?  If v18 cannot support this, having it in v19 would be very useful for folks like me working in large-scale workspace/project src trees with lots of common build infrastructure files between dirs and dir trees (as an example case, there are others).

(edit) BTW, was pointed out to me my request sounds like current tab groups, but what I'm asking for is _just_ tab bars (without splitting window space, etc.) or tab colors.  In other words, strictly a tab visual organization tool but without affecting editor view panes or other aspects of the current GUI.  If existing tab groups supported adding groups _without_ splitting the view that would likely be enough to satisfy my needs short-term -- if it does, I can't figure out how, my apologies if can be done.

Regardless, I'd still also like to request manual/rule-based tab coloration capability as another means of visual tab organization in long-term (aka v19).
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