Author Topic: 18.0.1 High CPU usage after shutting down  (Read 2269 times)


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18.0.1 High CPU usage after shutting down
« on: May 01, 2014, 06:24:13 pm »
I have been using 18.0.1 (on Win XP SP3) for a couple of weeks now (am a trial use) and have been seeing very high (50%) cpu usage AFTER closing SE.  Using Process Explorer, I start SE, see that it is using fairly common cpu usage (< 5%) for most of my work (editing C++ files, doing lookups, etc) and it shows up as vs.exe.  I then close SE and the cpu usage goes up to 50%.  I know it is the same program because the PID stays the same in Process Explorer.  I can kill the process and it goes away.  If I don't kill the process, I can start another instance of SE and it does the same low cpu usage.  Closing that version then changes the cpu usage on that one to about 40% and the original drops down to about 45%.  I can keep starting/stopping the program and the process still stays, taking up more cpu time.

I have attached a jpg that shows three vs.exe processes running (after starting/closing SE 3 times).


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Re: 18.0.1 High CPU usage after shutting down
« Reply #1 on: May 02, 2014, 01:37:41 pm »
I've seen that in the past. I seem to remember it was something to do with version control. You could look at the callstack of the vs.exe main thread and see what's using the cpu