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Thanks for the precise example. The bug has to do with outlining and editor functions like insert_line() and _insert_text() not working correctly. Save works fine but only if the line flags are set correctly. The line flags are bad before you save the file.

This is not hot fixable. I can build some fix installers. What platform(s) are you using?
SlickEdit® / Re: push-tag target is hardly visible
« Last post by Dennis on May 22, 2023, 11:35:48 pm »
Found the bug, but it is not hot-fixable.  This will, however, be fixed in the next release.

And, I stand corrected on case (5), this issue was also on account of the same bug (line counting was way off because of here document).
SlickEdit® / Re: push-tag target is hardly visible
« Last post by Dennis on May 22, 2023, 11:27:25 pm »
Good example.  The behavior for case (5) is normal, because the whole function does not fit, we just center on the start line.  I'll look into the other cases.
I work on a project (mostly C/C++) where the builds will fail if code is committed with trailing spaces on any line in most source files.  The exception are some 3rd party libraries, which unfortunately are less strict and have trailing spaces in their sources.  So, it is not possible to use the "Strip all trailing spaces" file option, but must settle for "Strip trailing spaces only from modified lines" instead.

After upgrading to 27.0, SlickEdit somehow has introduced trailing spaces in doxygen/javadoc style comments a number of times.  It seems to be a bit of a heisenbug, though, as it isn't always reproducible. However, here is a scenario that seems to work reliably:
1. svn cat > /tmp/http-strip-spaces-issue.h
2. vs +new -sc /tmp/slickcfg-1 /tmp/http-strip-spaces-issue.h
3. Opening Document -> C/C++ Options, go the the File Options and change the stripping options to from "Default" to "Strip trailing spaces only from modified lines".
4. Place the cursor at the end of line 63 (comment line saying Creates a HTTP client instance.).
5. Hit the return (or enter) key.
6. The cursor is now standing in column 4 on the new line 64, with an asterisk in column 2.
7. Save (Ctrl-S)

The result here is always that line 63 now has an extra space at the end and line 64 has two trailing spaces.  Seems there is more than just ignoring the stripping-on-save options going on here.

SlickEdit® / Re: push-tag target is hardly visible
« Last post by os2bird on May 22, 2023, 09:28:33 pm »
Attached is a reproduction file with a function containing a large SQL query using heredoc strings and some dummy functions around it to illustrate the problem.  (The 'f ...' commands in the comment at the top of the file is for the slickedit command line.)
SlickEdit® / Re: Toolbar buttons in SVG format
« Last post by Dennis on May 22, 2023, 02:36:33 pm »
Inkscape is pretty full featured, free.  I found it to be a steep learning curve.  Keep in mind, I'm no graphic artist, I'm a programmer who has learned a little about how to design icons, and learned a whole lot about how to manipulate SVG files (they are XML).  I felt more comfortable with a tool that reminded me more of Paint.  On macOS, I liked iVinci Express, it has a really simple clean interface.  I have not used it, but looks very easy to use.  We also package a fair number of extra icons with SlickEdit that you might just be able to use out-of-the-box (Tools > Options... > Appearance > Toolbar Customization... > User Definable Tools).  There are also toolbar buttons for many other SlickEdit builtin commands in the other categories.
SlickEdit® / Re: push-tag target is hardly visible
« Last post by Dennis on May 22, 2023, 02:01:50 pm »
When push-tag jumps to a symbol, it calls center-region() to scroll in order to center the entire symbol/function on the current page.  If we are calculating the start/end of this particular function incorrectly because of the embedded code, then that could be causing the problem.

How about if you obfuscate the source file?  Could you post it or send it into support then?  SlickEdit has a command:  obfuscate-current-file (run it from the SlickEdit command line).  You'll need to make sure that the obfuscation does not break the embedded regions.
SlickEdit® / Toolbar buttons in SVG format
« Last post by Siggy Schwarz on May 21, 2023, 11:50:45 pm »
I am currently migrating my old SlickEdit V18 to my less old :-) SlickEdit V25. In V18 I had a number of self-made toolbar buttons, but V25 requires buttons in SVG format. SO I tried creating some in MS Vision and also in a tool called 'drawio', but none of these look good once they are on the toolbar. Is there any secret to how to create them like e.g. a huge canvas to draw them on etc. ? (I did follow the hint to start the file name with 'bb' in this post:,18672.msg73952.html#msg73952).
SlickEdit® / Re: Regression in keyword color coding in SlickEdit 2022 (27.x.x.x)
« Last post by Clark on May 21, 2023, 10:59:02 pm »
The "Order:" field effects order of evaluation. Multiple items can match the same item (in this case "switch"). You can specify that your item be matched earlier in the search order.
What does that "order" mean?

I have always added the fundamental types (like "string") as keywords, because like keywords, they are part of the language. A "switch" type is just that, a type, in addition to a keyword. Therefore it should show up as such.

When I add the word "string" as a keyword (since it is one, as a fundamental type in PowerShell), it works correctly, even without changing the "order".

I rarely use "switch" statements in PowerShell because they're kind of clunky... but I use switch types all the time. If I have to choose, I would definitely choose the coloring to be correct when used as a type.

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