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Title: Newbie here - how to install license, license types, etc...
Post by: xagent on August 09, 2013, 10:08:21 pm
I've used Slickedit for a few years now, but it was provided to me by work. The license was somewhere on a common license server, and was set up when I was originally an intern. This was 6 years ago, and have no memory of when or how it was even done. I ran slickedit via an alias I had linked to some executable on a random workspace in a random file system. I work at a huge Fortune 500 tech corporation.

Anyways, I changed groups (but same company) a few years back and found my Slickedit still worked. Last week I get an e-mail from the common mailer list for the license server, saying it is being decommissioned and whatever management was originally paying for the license has decided not to renew slickedit on the new license server.
My new manager had agreed to pay for slickedit (for me) when I told him about it. I e-mailed the IT person back and they said it would cost $500 to rehost the licenses. But I looked online, and for our development platform running Linux, a single user license is only $299. Currently myself and one other coworker on my new team are only ones using Slickedit.

Is the $500 license the concurrent user license as listed on the website? And how does this work? How many users can use it, and can they use it simultaneously? I e-mailed the IT person, but never heard back.

I was considering getting the individual license, but how do I set this up? Is this not on a license server?

Which license type do you think I should try to convince upper management to pay for?
Title: Re: Newbie here - how to install license, license types, etc...
Post by: hs2 on August 10, 2013, 08:06:43 am
I think for 1-2 users get a single user license and pay the (cheap) annual maintenance fee. See e.g. this (,6201.0.html) thread for a similar question.
The license is just a local file generated by the SE web shop where you download your SE install pack and is usually queried during installation but can be activated later on as well.
Note that with SE 'single user' is not restricted to 'single PC'. It really means 'single user' ;)
However, the SE Store wizard will help you to find the best matching license type.
Just try -> Store

Title: Re: Newbie here - how to install license, license types, etc...
Post by: xagent on August 12, 2013, 09:47:31 am
Thanks. How exactly does the concurrent licenses work? How many users can use it, and can we use it simultaneously?

And what is the maintenence fee for? Is it to upgrade to a new version of SlickEdit? Or is the license itself only valid for a set amount of time like a year?

Don't laugh, but I'm actually running only SlickEdit version 9.0, and honestly, perfectly fine iwth that. At work we do all development in standard C and C++.
Title: Re: Newbie here - how to install license, license types, etc...
Post by: Matthew on August 12, 2013, 04:04:26 pm
Concurrent licenses are usually used in larger shops, or where a smaller group of developers work on many different development systems. A license server holds a license file with certain number of "seats" available. When you fire up the application, one of those seats is claimed until the application is closed. There is no need to install a license file on the system being used, and the customer can purchase just the number of seats that meets the peak demand, rather than try to buy an exact number licenses for the right mix of platforms. It's a particularly good solution for customers where a lot of employees need SlickEdit, but don't need it all the time.

The maintenance fee provides you with technical support via phone and e-mail, as well as all version updates for the year.

No laughter here with regards to version 9.0! Of all our customers that are still using an older version, v9.0 is probably the most common.
Title: Re: Newbie here - how to install license, license types, etc...
Post by: xagent on August 14, 2013, 02:13:34 am
so if I understand correctly, in any group if the # of average users equals or usually equals the # of peak users, it is cheaper to get individual named licenses? Because Concurrent license for X number of users is more expensive than getting an X number of invididual licenses. In our development, if people use it, it would pretty much always be used... not sparingly used from time to time. I'm getting really tired of using OpenGrok to broswe our code base in Firefox, and vim to edit the files =/

Also, we currently do all our development on VNC sessions spawned on various Linux machines. We have our own personal workspace directory located on some filesystem. i'm running SlickEdit from some other remote file system location (not my own).

If i get my own individual license, wil I still be able to use this installed slickedit and change the license? it was previously pointing to the now disconitnued license server. I'm not sure I'll be able to install a new copy of slickedit, as the Linux we run is not our own personal computer.
Title: Re: Newbie here - how to install license, license types, etc...
Post by: Matthew on August 14, 2013, 02:01:54 pm
You can still use the older, previously-installed version and the newer version side-by-side. Older versions used a different licensing approach where the executable itself was patched with a serial number. More recent versions have used a license file approach. Each major version has its own license file directory, so you won't be stomping over an older version when you install a newer version's license file.

One caveat is your project and workspace files. You'll want to create new ones for use with the newer version. The project system format has changed a little bit, and workspace tag file format has changed considerably since v9, and older versions won't be able to read them once they are upgraded by v18.
Title: Re: Newbie here - how to install license, license types, etc...
Post by: xagent on August 16, 2013, 01:05:26 am
I think what I'm going to do is buy it on my own out of pocket. It may be useful in future jobs.

in regards to my question what I meant was, the older version i'm using is already installed, and not in my own workspace. I run it from some other IT file system... /auto/xxx/yyy/zzz/vslick/v9.0/linux/bin//vs  This vslick directory also has a 12.0 executable.

If I purchase my own named user license, would I still be able to run those? Or would I have to install a local copy of slickedit myself? Right now when I try to exec those slickedit copies, I get an error message about not finding the FLEXIm license server.

Reason I am asking is because my current workspace where I have permission, is only about 32 GB of which it's nearly full. Plus, I'm not sure I have permissions to install applications. As said, the Linux isn't running on my local machine. It's on a remote server where we create VNC sessions to login and do our work.  For example:

arbaindu@sjc-xdm-133:[bin]df -kh /ws/arbaindu-sjc
Filesystem            Size  Used Avail Use% Mounted on
                       32G   32G  783M  98% /ws/arbaindu-sjc
Title: Re: Newbie here - how to install license, license types, etc...
Post by: Dennis on August 16, 2013, 12:35:12 pm
Depending on your IT policies, it might be a good idea for you to install SlickEdit on a fast USB stick and run it from there, especially if you plan on purchasing it out of your own pocket.