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Title: Activate-interactive
Post by: jporkkahtc on April 15, 2021, 05:11:04 pm
I have the Interactive tool window docked on the bottom with a single tab.
I bound Alt+1 to activate-interactive.
Starting from an edit window, I press
and I get the following Slick stack.
Also, I would expect the cursor to be in the interactive terminal after I press Alt+1, but it isn't -- I don't know where focus is.

Code: [Select]
Stack trace written to file: C:\Users\jporkka\AppData\Local\Temp\vsstack.
 This property or method is not allowed on this object
tbterminal.ex 5943 process_tab(,<empty>)   p_window_id: 253   p_object: OI_SSTAB   p_name: _terminal_tab
tbterminal.ex 3390   p_window_id: 461   p_object: OI_EDITOR   p_name:
Title: Re: Activate-interactive
Post by: Clark on April 15, 2021, 09:56:28 pm
Hot fix added for this.

Focus not being set correctly was part of the problem.