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Features and/or Improvements / Re: paste-special
« Last post by Clark on Today at 01:04:34 pm »
I like the paste special concept. Just need to come up with the right features. You've listed some good possibilities. I've definitely had times where I've wanted a block selection pasted as lines. The multiple cursors example is useful. Not sure about how to handle a mismatch between the number of cursors and number of lines in the clipboard. Seems to me they should match.
SlickEdit® / Re: Slickedit and cmake ?
« Last post by JeppeOland on May 23, 2017, 11:47:29 pm »
3.8.0 works OK for me.
I was just wondering in general (since other editors have committed their support to the cmake repository directly).
SlickEdit® / Re: Slickedit and cmake ?
« Last post by Clark on May 23, 2017, 03:31:40 pm »
Not in the near future. CMake's API's are still going through a lot of changes. For example, the original code we wrote was very broken for the new version. It makes more sense for us to build and test CMake versions until CMake's API's stabilize. I would hope with a very minor release they wouldn't break our changes but only time will tell.

For now, if you need some changes in a new version of CMake, please make a request.
SlickEdit® / Re: Windows Line endings (CRLF)
« Last post by Clark on May 23, 2017, 03:20:05 pm »
With the current algorithm, SlickEdit does not handle files with mixed line breaks. It only checks the first chunk and then assumes the platform default line endings.

If you have a trashed file like this, you can convert it with the following steps:

  Use the Open dialog to open the file and choose "Windows/DOS (CRLF)"
  Use the Save As dialog and choose Windows/DOS (CR/LF) or Unix/MacOS(LF) depending on what you want.

If you prefer not to convert your file but want opened files to be treated as DOS line endings, set the Options>Languages>[language|all languages]>File Options>Line format to "DOS/Windows (CRLF)"

SlickEdit® / Re: 21.0.2: Delete trailing whitespace bug when pasting?
« Last post by davew on May 23, 2017, 02:07:47 pm »
The whole file has CRLF (0x0D0x0A). But even if there were a mix, I would think that it wouldn't matter if the line ended in an LF or CRLF, if there are whitespace characters preceding the line ending, they should be removed.
SlickEdit® / Re: Slickedit and cmake ?
« Last post by JeppeOland on May 23, 2017, 12:46:25 am »
Do you guys have plans to submit it to cmake so it will be included in future versions?
(They are on 3.8.1 now)
SlickEdit® / Windows Line endings (CRLF)
« Last post by jporkkahtc on May 22, 2017, 11:23:29 pm »
When a file is loaded with CRLF line endings encoding, Slick always breaks lines on  (LF) and (CRLF), but not on (CR) alone.

It should not break on (LF) alone.

Related issue I found is that when Slick loading a file and deciding which line end style, it seems to pick just the first one. I've got some files where the file line is terminated with (LF) only, but all other lines are (CRLF) -- and slick loads these as  Unix/Mac(LF).

SlickEdit® / SlickEdit 2016 (v21.0.3) - Now Available
« Last post by Clark on May 22, 2017, 10:24:09 pm »
SlickEdit 2016 (v21.0.3)

Fixes, Features, and Enhancements in SlickEdit 2016 (21.0.3)
  • Tagging
    • Fix bug where a project-specific tag file would not be used for Java Context Tagging if it only contained a jar file with classes and no java source code.
    • Fix for bug in Python context tagging getting function argument help for constructors.
    • Fix to be sure that the current symbol is always selected in Find Symbol Changes in <filename>
    • Fix for JavaScript parse issue handling octal escapes in strings.
    • Fix for bug where fuctions in Slick-C classes and interfaces were not tagged as virtual by default.
  • Search and Replace Features
    • Fix for \b in a regex not always working.
    • Disable incremental search options for large files in Tool find window when incremental is on. Use same def-var for Mini find window.
    • Fix so sgrep on Windows can search through files that are being written to that have read/write shared access.
    • Fix for Mini-find regular expression menu to always enabled. Enable regular expression search option when selecting from menu.
    • Fix for Preview window displaying empty editor for List all occurrences on unnamed unsaved buffer (Untitled<N>).
  • DIFFzilla
    • If you select an untitled buffer in DIFFzilla, and then choose "Compare lines: range....", you cannot select lines.
  • General
    • Added option to hide files that are already in the project in the project "Add Source Files" dialog, even if that kind of filtering is not supported in the native open file dialog. See "Tools > Options > File Options > Open > Project Properties Dialog".
    • Added option to not sort "All Workspaces" menu.
    • Added "swap_bookmarks" command to swap between the current cursor location and the last pushed bookmark. 
    • Fix for recursive listing with file_match() not working for zip files. The result was code templates would not be listed.
    • Fix for slick-C nested #ifdef's not working.
    • Added project wildcard support for a recursive search for a literal filename with no wildcards.
    • When expand alias in VIM emulation, don't want to switch into command mode when expand alias and def_vim_start_in_cmd_mode is true.
    • Block matching in CMake files must be case insensitive.
    • Fixed bug in edit-associated-symbol when jumping between overloaded class constructors and inline methods in the same file.
    • Fix for Slick-C stack after adding a workspace in the Organize All Workspaces dialog.
    • Fix for Slick-C stack which occurs when access menu bar due to corrupt workspace/project history entries.
    • Fixed problem with bad indent after a closing brace with brace style 3, when there are blank lines between the cursor and the closing brace.
    • Fix for Slick-C stack with quick-search/quick-replace commands with no editor windows open.
    • Fix for Slick-C stack Recursion too deep using Alt+F4 in undocked/standalone tool window (Slick-C stack/Build).
    • Suppress message line warnings for keep-search and delete-search commands.
    • Fix so Admin.xml will auto load hotfix or display popup message for hot fix availability.
    • Fix for problem where Auto-Complete would not show language-specific alias expansions.
    • Fix for Slick-C stack "Invalid Object Handle" for Find in Files.
    • Fix bug where importing options with settings for a user-defined language would not correct set up the default language options and extension-specific event tables.
    • Fix so gui_cd command works when alias expansion turned on.
    • Fix for junit so jar files with 2 digits between dots (like junit-4.11) can be found.
    • Fix for hang in editor after trying to set a breakpoint while debugging.
    • Fix for possible hang condition for some imported Color coding profiles.
    • Fix for scrolling issue if you use the scroll bar before choosing a version.
    • Fix for crash which occurs when editor config is turned on and the replace preview all feature is used.
    • Fix for Slick-C stack opening Visual Studio project using WindowsKernelModeDriver10.0 platform toolset.
    • Fix so next-word always moves the cursor when in a Utf-8 file when in Brief emulation.
    • Fix for Slick-C stack if you save a file with the Backup History Browser up.
    • Fix for cursor jumping on ESC in Tool Find and Replace with Incremental Search enabled.
    • Fix for macro recording in Tool Find and Replace with Incremental Search enabled.
    • Fix for Clipboards tool window to track current editor window.
    • Fix for crash setting spill file path.
    • Fix for bug in "next_bookmark" and "prev_bookmark" commands where it would fail if they encountered a bookmark in a file that no longer exists.
    • Fix for find next marker in Search results not being displayed when using List all occurrences and Highlight all matches together.
    • Fix so open tool window supports forward slashes on Windows.
  • Not all fixes have been listed.

Fixes, Features, and Enhancements in SlickEdit 2016 (21.0.2)
  • File name extension mapping
    • Add file extension suffix ignore feature to handle certain compound file extensions. For example, if a file is named "xxx.cpp.orig", SlickEdit should be able to ignore ".orig", and recognize the file as C/C++ because of the inner ".cpp" file extension.
  • DIFFzilla
    • Added current context combo boxes for Backup History and History Diff.
  • Tagging
    • Fix several problems with background tagging found in 21.0.1. The problems were rare, but could lead to crashes or terrible background tagging performance.
    • Fix for verilig parser hang with preprocessing in module paramaters.
    • Fix for SystemVerilog parser hang. Parser could hang on an empty queue or mismatched curly braces inside of a for statement: for (x = something({}); x
    • Fix for crash in Cobol parser handling of replacing elements in copy book
    • Added option to grep-tag to search Slick-C tag files only.
  • General
    • Fix for setting a property which has a "d" element in user.cfg.xml.
    • Added macro recording for Find File in Find and Replace tool window.
    • Fix for search results for Find in Files returning incorrect text for files with mixed tabs and UTF-8 characters.
    • Remove duplicate entries before displaying the workspace menu and before displaying the workspace history dialog.
    • Added PAD-STAR/PAD-SLASH bindings for c-asterisk/c-slash. Previously smart handling of comments didn't support PAD-STAR/PAD-SLASH.
    • Fix so Mac displays menu command at end of menu item help text like the other platforms.
    • Fix for Sample Code displayed in Color options coloring all lines as modified/inserted.
    • Fixes so Alt+F4 works like a normal key on Windows.
    • Fix for issue with removing language specific tag file from the Tag Files dialog.
    • Fix for document tabs list-buffers drop-down incorrectly calculating column widths.
    • Fix for document tabs list-buffers drop-down incorrectly calculating height required.
    • Fix for problem with adaptive formatting not updating open buffers when its status changes.
    • Fix for timer problem that could cause an intermittent stack in the beautifier profile editor, and a related problem that could make the beautifier preview not show up on the language's formatting options dialog.
    • Fix problem with hot fix loader. Help > About would list hot fixes that were not really loaded.
    • Fix to be sure windows symbolic links are resolved if editor is run with proper invocation option.
    • After a file is reverted in version control, make sure it is reloaded and retagged in the editor.
    • Make sure undo after using Backup History or History Diff cannot bring back Imaginary Buffer Lines.
    • Fixed caase where Replace in Project/Workspace does replace twice for current file.
    • Fix for search performance problem which occurred with list occurrences when soft wrap is on.
    • Fix for Slick-C stack in paren-matching for HTML tags with embedded PHP.
    • When a file is added or removed from a project, you are no longer prompted to add or remove it from version control.  Also cleaned things up a bit for Git.
    • Fix for bad math in example on Search>Go to Offset... (gui-seek).
    • Improve error reporting for C# template case.
    • Fix for Find Next issues using Tool Find with List all occurrences and Incremental Search both enabled.
    • Fix for List filenames only option being used for List all occurrences.
    • Fix for File > New, Add file to project for Visual Studio project files (.vcxproj).
    • Fix for Mini-Find Regular Expression searches using incorrect syntax setting.
    • Fix Slick-C stack with Mini-Find when using Close on Enter key option.
    • Fix for issue where context tagging Defs and Preview tool windows and Symbol Coloring would be stalled on account of it appearing that the editor was still
      restoring the workspace.
    • Fix for issue with hang when submitting to Perforce from Unix.
    • Fix for problem where the same workspace would be listed twice in the workspace
      history, once without a project, and once with a project name.
    • Fix for bug switching configurations when the configuration name has spaces.
    • Fixed toggle-* tool-window commands so that a tool-window previously floating tool window is restored floating when toggled on.
    • Attempt to improve the way the References tool responds when you type a symbol
      name directly into the combo box, and you are searching in all tag files.
    • Fix for Slick-C stack when user tries to do Extract Method when not in a function.
    • Cancelling the "diff-with" dialog was giving an errouneous "Can't find file ''" message.
    • Added option to deselect on drag and drop copy/move (Tools>Options>Editing>Selections).
  • Not all fixes have been listed.

Fixes, Features, and Enhancements in SlickEdit 2016 (21.0.1)
  • Tagging
    • Fix for Context Tagging performance regression with STL.
    • Fix Windows-specific bug where auto-complete would delete the prefix expression if it was a "identifier::" class name or namespace qualification expression.
    • Fix Slick-C stack when rebuilding a tag file from the Tag Files dialog.
    • Fixes to improve handling of Context Tagging for Boost iterators.
    • Fix Slick-C stack when starting Quick Refactoring from the Defs tool window.
    • Fix for bug where Quick Rename could not find a local variable to rename it.
    • Fix bug that caused crash when reading a corrupt tag file.
    • C++ implementation of Assembly langauge tagging (faster, thread-safe)
    • Fix problem that prevented Assembly language embedded in C/C++ from being color coded or tagged
    • Fix problem with Verilog and SystemVerilog `include file parsing
    • Fix hang in SQL parser handling complex outer join expressions
  • DIFFzilla
    • Fix source diff not working quite right for certain token situations.
  • Debugging
    • Fix for "Debug>Start with arguments..." menu item for Python, Perl, and Ruby debuggers. It wasn't passing the arguments or setting the working directory.
  • General
    • Added the "configs" attribute to a number of def vars that specified paths or filenames (like def_as_directory). This allows you to have different values for different platforms. This change will not correct existing settings in your user.cfg.xml file.
    • Fix for the delete bookmark button in the Bookmarks tool window deleting the wrong bookmark.
    • Fix for double click in the Bookmarks tool window navigating to the correct book mark but leaving the wrong bookmark selected.
    • Improved Ruby color coding. Added support for =begin/=end. Improved support for / regex detection. Improved support for here documents.
    • Fix Verilog and SystemVerilog `include file parsing options which were transposed.
    • Fix for "vs -?" not working on windows because SlickEdit is installed in a directory with spaces.
    • Fix for Auto Unicode 2 (+fautounicode2) option incorrectly detection some files with an odd number of bytes as Utf-16 no signature encoding.
    • When importing file path properties, don't display an error if the path part is blank. This means the user never configured this property.
    • Fix bug that would give an error if you diffed buffers that did not exist on disk.  There were also problems with FTP buffers.
    • Fix Slick-C stack when you click Save As in Backup History or History Diff.
    • Fix problem where when comparing a file to version control the might not be color coded properly.
    • Allow search history entries to be deleted from search/replace dropdowns in Mini-find.
    • Fix for Open tool window not openning a file specifying a buffer that is modified.
    • Fix for Open tool window supporting "Sync current directory" when set to OFF.
    • Fix for Open tool window changing directory to UNC path which is missing trailing backslash
    • Fix for Makefile color coding of #. Needed to remove # as operator keyword.
    • Fix for Brief next word working in Utf-8 files.
    • Fix for read_only_mode_toggle command clearing the selection.
    • Fix for delete_lines command not working correctly for a selection.
    • Fix for copy_lines_up command leaving text selected when the current line wasn't selected.
    • Fix for copy_lines_up and copy_lines_down command copying the last line when it should not.
    • Fix for math message sometimes being cleared by copying the result to the clipboard
    • Fix for file not found issue when trying to open a file using the Project or Workspace Tab of the Files tool window.
    • Fix for using gui-cd/cd commands to change directory when def_switchbuf_cd=1
    • Fix for problem where unsurround would not work correctly for blocks that had a line comment after the closing '}'.
    • When the Syntax Indent text box is disabled, the spinner control needs to be dsiabled too.
    • Fix for issue where first time Color dialog is displayed, the controls overlap.
    • Fix Slick-C Stack when preview tool window gets activated errantly during restore.
    • Fix Slick-C Stack refreshing Symbol Properties window when it is docked.
    • Fix bug in edit-associated-symbol dealing with symbols in namespaces.
    • Fix that makes the javadoc editor more tolerant of javadoc comments that have a few lines indented further than the rest of the comment. Fix problem with Javadoc editor, here it could remove significant newlines from the body of the comment.
    • Fix for intermittent stack when pressing the Ok button in the beautifier profile editor.
    • Fix for soft wrap not placing display font and cursor position correctly.
    • Aliases with upper case letters wouldn't expand for case insensitive languages.
    • Fix problem where Help > About would report hot fixes that were not actually loaded.
  • Not all fixes have been listed.
SlickEdit® / Re: How to tag assembler files together with C in a Project
« Last post by Dennis on May 22, 2017, 08:17:47 pm »
How are you searching for the variable?  There are a lot of different ways to work with symbols in SlickEdit.

How are these symbols declared in the assembly language modules?  It may be that they are being treated as static variables.  Some sample code would be very helpful here.

Also, you should try SlickEdit 2016.  The Assembly tagging has been rewritten in C++, it's faster and better.
SlickEdit® / Re: 21.0.2: Delete trailing whitespace bug when pasting?
« Last post by Dennis on May 22, 2017, 08:12:10 pm »
When you checked for trailing non-space chars, did you also look for CR (ascii 13).  You could get those if you had a file with Unix line endings and pasted in text with DOS line endings.
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