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Sounds reasonable, and yes I'm on MacOS.

This may be related to the fact that V23 supports font ligatures on macOS (assuming you are on macOS).
"It's a feature."
Will fix in first 23.0 hot fix.  It was broken on account of the fixes made for your goto-parent bug.
So a bit more digging and it turns out that 2017 also had the hex editor font set to Apple Braille (no clue why/how). BUT it doesn't render as braille, it looks more like menlo. Further investigation shows that none of the symbolic fonts (symbols, wingdings, emoji, etc) render as symbols. They're all converted to a normal looking font. In 2018, the symbol fonts are rendered as symbols.

So I guess it's a non-bug after all <sigh>

OK, so I did a little digging after my initial panic  ::), and it is braille! For some reason the font preferences for Hex Source windows got changed to Apple Braille. I changed it to something normal and it's fine. So the bug isn't that it's displaying braille, but that it changed my font preference.

I just installed RC2 and saw this, went to the boards and saw RC3 was available. I installed it and it's the same.

With any file open (even an unsaved buffer with no extension) and click the hex editing tool to display in hex and get what looks like a visual representation of braille. (see attached image).

This does not show up in Linux RC2. Haven't tried RC3 yet.

Look for context-prev-tag.tar.gz on support.

Follow instructions in the README to reproduce.

I use context-prev-tag to go to the enclosing function as I learned in this thread:

This works fine on the same file with SlickEdit v22.
yes but I have been diligently using 2018 since the beta and prior to that I was mostly using a different (gasp!) diff tool for the last year.
SlickEdit® Core for Eclipse™ / Bash as the SFTP/SSH executable?
« Last post by Shewb on October 23, 2018, 05:35:54 pm »
I am using SlickEdit for eclipse on Windows and trying to connect to a Mainframe host for SFTP/SSH.

Has anyone ever used Bash as the SFTP/SSH executable? I can easily pull up a Bash command line and connect to my Mainframe system using SFTP/SSH. Just trying to replicate this in SlickEdit for Eclipse.

Features and/or Improvements / Re: Diffzilla feature request to ignore certain differences
« Last post by Dan on October 23, 2018, 05:32:39 pm »
Do you have SlickEdit 2017?
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