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SlickEdit® / Re: Non linear performance vs number of files open
« Last post by Dennis on January 08, 2019, 03:35:30 pm »
I have a fix which will help some when users have large numbers of files open.  It doesn't speed up opening new files by much of a factor, but it is a major help for close-all, and in general cuts down on some overhead that can amount to O(n) for a single file operation or O(n^2) for multiple file operations.  I will put this into the next hot fix for SlickEdit 2018.

Your profiling information seems to indicate to me that you might be using the old (deprecated) File Tabs tool bar, rather than using the built-in document tabs.  That toolbar does create a menu, and menu creation does tend to be slower on macOS.  Can you confirm that you are using File Tabs?  If so, why?
SlickEdit® / Re: vsdiff broken
« Last post by Kristen on January 08, 2019, 03:23:58 pm »
@Dan Thanks for you candour. Long time fan of VSE so if I'll be happy to help with getting it fixed. I've sent you a PM.

As best as I can tell the files are identical (line endings etc.) except for the commented out lines, but I'll double check that and send you some samples to review.

I did have a fiddle with SourceDiff .. I wonder if it was possible that I changed it back (to OFF) in a DIFF launched from VSE and then didn't exit VSE before doing the DIFF (direct from external route) such that the settings had not been saved?  If so my screen-shot of my DIFF settings will be worth nothing!

Can't remember exactly anymore ... either way, I'll sort out a repeatable test and send to you
SlickEdit® / Re: Best Practice / Tips for Multiple File Find and then Review
« Last post by Lee on January 08, 2019, 03:14:03 pm »
The behavior for Find Next command is different for Find in Files vs Find.  For Find, it always searches for the next/prev occurrence in the current file buffer.  For Find in Files, it goes to the next/prev result listed in the Search Results.  With List Filenames only enabled, there are only file results and no actual search results reported. 

There isn't an option to search occurrences in file only Search Results.  It is working as designed, but that doesn't mean that it could be improved.  I checked the feature/bug tracker, and this is the first report for this.  I'll file a feature request and investigate to see if improvement can be made for this use case. 

Also, you are correct there is technically not a command to jump to next/prev file in search results.  I can file a feature request for that too.
SlickEdit® / Re: Can I switch Version Control : Compare Directory Old/New panes?
« Last post by Kristen on January 08, 2019, 03:13:43 pm »
Thanks, I figured that might be the case.

If it turns out that swapping buffers is trivial that will be great ... otherwise I'll work around it.

One workaround is to use SVN (Tortoise in my case) CONFIG which allows "external DIFF program" with command line.

I have that set to

C:\Program Files\SlickEdit Pro 23.0.0\win\vsdiff.exe

which then gives me old-on-left, and new-on-right by default, but it has parameters for Old / New filenames (%base and %mine) so possible to pass those to DIFF as appropriate.

In the past I've always used Window Explorer and Tortoise ... but the new version has a significant "pause on launch" (its about 2 second each time) which is why I tried SVN-from-SlickEdit (which does the DIFF on each file "instantly"). I'm guessing, but seems that its the "launch" time rather than the Compare time ... might be related to having tons of stuff open on my PC.

Happy to try any suggestions that might could improve the launch performance - then I can just revert to Windows Explorer / Tortoise route.

I've tried having both VSE and VSDIFF open already (comparing something else), in the hope that "in memory" would solve it, but doesn't seem to make any difference.
SlickEdit® / Re: vsdiff broken
« Last post by Dan on January 08, 2019, 01:21:58 pm »
I too am disappointed by DIFF.  I had a massive job to do modifying old code and checking into SVN and having been a long time SlickEdit user (I probably upgraded from Brief in the ... what ... 80's?) I decided to download latest version to replace my 2002's Version 7.0.

Setting DIFFzilla as the SVN (command line) difference tool was massively slower than old version ... but I got around that by using SVN checking from within SlickEdit, which is a great improvement ...

But the differencing was poor compared to old version.  Lots of much-worse-than-before realignment-after-difference which made it much harder to compare old/new code.

But, much more horrific, after a couple of days of comparing thousands of files, I found some comparisons that were missed altogether. That came to light because a directory-compare found half a dozen files that had differences in before/after versions, but when opened in DIFFzilla it said there were no differences (when actually there were).

This brings into question the thousands of files which I had compared, which did have differences, but maybe there were additional differences on those files that were skipped / missed and therefore I did not review?

#1 image: (pink = proprietary code hidden). The two marked lines do not show as differences at all. (I copied a small portion to separate files to see if I could isolate a small test-case, but unfortunately they then matched correctly)

#2 This is probably just a display bug, I think the alignment of "imaginary line" was correctly identified against "--DELNOW" comment line, but as consequence of the issue it has mucked up the vertical alignment and display (I checked for rogue spaces etc. and there were none, WinDiff found no difference except the "--DELNOW" line

#3 My settings (in case I have got something selected / not-selected which might be allowing within-comment to be ignored or similar)

Regarding the first picture where it claimed lines matched that didn't, this is one long continuous comment?  And the blacked out sections actually match?

Do the new line characters of the files match?  Are the files Unicode?  If so, what encoding?  Are they both the same encoding?

Was this launched from the editor, vsdiff, or multi-file diff.  So far I can't reproduce either of these.  I used the attached sample to simulate your code.

If it was launched from vsdiff, there is a possibility it has a different config, but I can tell from looking at it that Source Diff wasn't on, and this was the thing that I was most concerned about.


SlickEdit® / Re: Best Practice / Tips for Multiple File Find and then Review
« Last post by Dan on January 08, 2019, 11:57:10 am »
You can use Ctrl+, to jump back to the list.  Also it looks like find-next (bound to Ctrl+G in CUA mode) will jump to the next file.  Hope this helps.
SlickEdit® / Re: Can I switch Version Control : Compare Directory Old/New panes?
« Last post by Dan on January 08, 2019, 11:48:13 am »
This is the way we've always done it and we don't currently have an option to change it.  I've had it come up where people are using "regular" diff and want to move code from left to right (on occasion I've done it that way myself, but it just isn't the way we're used to working).

I can put in a feature request for it.  It's not impossible, but it is significant.  A lot of work in the resize code and switching the buttons.  Or maybe switching the buffers is easier.  Let me think about it.
SlickEdit® / Re: vsdiff broken
« Last post by Dan on January 08, 2019, 11:45:46 am »
I'm really upset about the cases where it said lines match that don't.  There are some little things that are "suboptimal" that I'm disappointed in but will fix.  This takes top priority.

I know proprietary code is always a thing.  Any sample you can send me will help.  If you PM me for an email address, that is the best way to get them to me if you have any.


SlickEdit® / Best Practice / Tips for Multiple File Find and then Review
« Last post by Kristen on January 08, 2019, 10:19:51 am »
I do Find in Files and get a list of matched files in [Search Results] (I have "List filenames only" checked)

I click on the first one.  The file opens, cursor at top-of-file, line 1.

If I press F3 (find next) the next file is displayed.

Instead I have to do Control-F (Find), the current "Search for" is correctly displayed, so I just press ENTER) and the first match is scrolled / highlighted.

I can now press F3 (find next) to walk through all the matches in that file.

When I get to the end I have to F4-Close that file then click on the next one.
(The next file might be at cursor-position from last edit, so first match might be above cursor)
If I press F3 (find next) at this point I again get next-file, instead of first match, so I have to do Control-F (find) and OK to find first match ... and then I can use F3 (Find next) ...

Seems very cack-handed! to me ... so I expect there is a Better Way :)

Interested to hear what other people do and/or if there is an OPTION that I could change ... or a Macro that I should be writing. (I didn't find a key-binding for "Next search result file")

SlickEdit® / Can I switch Version Control : Compare Directory Old/New panes?
« Last post by Kristen on January 08, 2019, 10:06:57 am »
When I do:

Tools : Version control (Subversion) : Compare Directory

I get a list of folders / files with differences.

When I click on one, to DIFF the Old/New file versions, the NEW is on Left and OLD on Right.  This is the opposite way around to everything I have ever used.

Can I change that?
If not, is this a common arrangement? (if so I'm surprised I haven't encountered it before!). I'm dyslexic and [perhaps because of that ... ] I struggle to make the comparison with this arrangement.
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