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Title: Gary Ash cppImplementation macro
Post by: aoehlke on August 30, 2006, 12:43:01 pm
Hey all, I am using Gary's macro set cppImplements from his cpp tools collection.
I am also using his toggleIncludeImplementation macro.

the cppImplements is giving me some errors.
For example, in a class, I create a new function in the class body.(.cpp)
I then right click this function and choose cppImplement.
THis then prompts me to put the cursor where I want the prototype and hit space.
I move to the .h file and hit space... it does insert the prototype, but then I get Slick_c stack errors:
 Stack trace written to file: /tmp/vsstack.c7730
 Invalid number argument
main.ex 1124 restore_pos()   p_window_id: 387   p_object: OI_FORM   p_name:
cppImplement.ex 1645 static(1)   p_window_id: 369   p_object: OI_FORM   p_name:
cppImplement.ex 1306 static(
   4:   CardNotebook
   p_window_id: 369
   p_object: OI_FORM
cppImplement.ex 253 gbCppImplement()   p_window_id: 369   p_object: OI_FORM   p_name:
and another window called .command opens and has this:
@xy _coolfeatures_form:5369 2587 6500 5837
@xy _bbgrabbar_form:6591 2652 4485 4693
@xy _tbproject_tools_form:3367 871 2379 429
@xy _tbdebugbb_form:5577 4446 7800 429
@xy _tbtools_form:16497 3757 3094 780
@xy _tbedit_form:14209 5785 4303 429
@xy _tbtagging_form:14612 5616 3497 780
@xy _gnuc_options_form:3042 4550 16978 5733
@xy gc_configure_form:25753 3484 
@xy gc_editor_form:24817 4199 
@xy _debug_props_form:7826 4225 
@xy _tbslickc_stack_form:12129 4524 4862 2366

is this a bug, or is my usage incorrect?

Also, I cannot seem to get toggleImplementation/Includes to work... I right click the source file in the editor and choose toggleImplementation/Include... and nothign happens... the status line simply shows "string not found"
Title: Re: Gary Ash cppImplementation macro
Post by: gary_ash on August 30, 2006, 11:07:16 pm
your issue with the cpp-implement macro looks very much like the issue with GenComment
it maybe that the way i'm hooking the keyboard  is platform dependant. I'll have to consider the problem a little longer. a may be able to come up with something this weekend (or sooner if i get time)

the toggle feature uses the project system and tagging database to find the proper files are you using a slick edit project?

Title: Re: Gary Ash cppImplementation macro
Post by: aoehlke on August 31, 2006, 12:16:37 pm
thats the best guess I have as well... but I dont have time to learn slick-c... project deadline! :)

to answer your question, yes, I'm using a .vpj and a slick edit tag file.

PS- version 11.01