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Title: SlickEdit Core for Eclipse with C, C++, VHDL
Post by: TimS on April 27, 2015, 08:29:55 pm
I am developing with multiple toolchains in Eclipse, using the C, C++, and VHDL languages.
I am using Eclipse Luna 4.4.2 and have setup 4 projects in 1 workspace. Each project is setup as C/C++ languages.
Eclipse recognizes the VHDL sources present in the one project that contains VHDL source. It syntax highlights and source navigates within a single file without issue. However, re-tagging the project does not enable the ability to navigate between multiple VHDL sources with "Goto Definition" and the like. According to the feature matrix on the SlickEdit website, this plugin supports that feature. How do I enable tagging for proper source navigation within an Eclipse CDT C/C++ project that contains both C and VHDL sources? By default, Eclipse does not provide VHDL source support, but the SlickEdit Feature Matrix shows that SlickEdit adds this capability.