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I guess it's because the diff window is a special environment where it's hard to allow user macros to execute and also that allowing the user to run a macro for wheel up/down is very unusual for an IDE to do.  Ideally the diff window would override user macros and use default behaviour for all the keys and mouse events that are part of the basic operation of the diff window.  e.g. as it stands, someone might write a macro for the right arrow key or the down arrow key and if they do, they won't be able to use those keys in the diff window.

It might be possible to write a macro that wraps the call to the diff tool with some code that swaps the keybindings over, before and after.  Let me know how you invoke the diff tool and I'll look into it if you want.
I'll look at your macro more in detail, though I am not a slick-c expert.
In any case the error upon wheeling in diff is what I call a bug or weird design.
yes, I wanted to see if you got that error  - so that's partly why I made that macro to swap the keybindings back (toggle) so you wouldn't get the error.
Here are the two files.
SlickEdit® / Re: Issues in build window after manually sshing to build machine there
« Last post by Clark on September 22, 2022, 06:34:46 pm »
I'll build a debug version once v27 is finished.
SlickEdit® / Re: Issues in build window after manually sshing to build machine there
« Last post by rowbearto on September 22, 2022, 06:19:07 pm »
Still seeing this issue in v27 beta3. I didn't do much building in v26.0.3 past few months so not sure if I didn't catch it with the debug version due to not using it, or if it really wasn't caught with the debug version. I did start doing builds again today.
SlickEdit 2022 v27 Beta Discussion / Re: Opening Visual Studio 2019 solution issue
« Last post by Clark on September 22, 2022, 04:41:40 pm »
Please post your user.cfg.xml for your problematic config. I need to look at some settings.
Fixed for next build.

Code was optimized so it didn't call stat(). However, the problem with doing that is that symbolic links are supposed to be followed by default. Too bad, because it's 4 times faster when stat()'s are optimized out.
I am not sure to understand what you mean with diff. If I do a diff of files, I get a window allowing side by side comparison of two files, and (now I start to understand) indeed using the wheel to scroll does not work : I get an error dialog box and I thought it was some kind of slickedit limitation and was more or less living with it...
Are we talking about the same thing ?
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