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SlickEdit® / Re: Attach to Virtual Machine not working
« Last post by kwilliams on Today at 09:09:55 pm »
I'll wait to here from you then.
SlickEdit® / Re: Attach to Virtual Machine not working
« Last post by patrick on Today at 08:50:07 pm »
That did it, I can reproduce it with the information from that log.  I've followed it enough to determine it's not going to be a quick fix confined to the backend, so there won't be a updated download today at least.

Thanks for sending in those logs.

SlickEdit® / Re: Attach to Virtual Machine not working
« Last post by kwilliams on Today at 07:35:07 pm »
Here are the new logs. Thanks for fixing the nulls in the logging. That made it a lot easier.
SlickEdit® / Search lists line numbers only...
« Last post by joecar on Today at 05:46:52 pm »
SlickEdit Pro 2021 (v26.0.0.3 64-bit Qt5)

When searching All Buffers (i.e. current open files), the search results tab shows the line/column numbers but not the text on those lines.

See attached screenshot (I had to obfuscate details), look at line 37 in the open file tab and in the search result tab.

    Each day we are going to post a new feature in SlickEdit 2021 to focus on for a few minutes and try out.

    Today's focus is on new Project Support featuers. You can see more details on the new features in the readme (Help > About Slickedit... > Release Notes). Bug reports are great feedback, we will fix what we can. But any feedback is helpful, even if as simple as “looks good” to “this is useless, but thanks anyway”.

    • Enhanced wildcard support
      • Improved Visual Studio wildcard project support (i.e. csproj). Now automatically updates Project tool window, tag file, and file list in the background. No need to explicitly Refresh the Project tool window and/or rebuild the tag file.
      • When adding new files to the project, no explicit filenames are added to the project if they match existing wildcards.
        Improved updating when new files matching wildcards are added while outside of SlickEdit.
      • The wildcard cache is saved when you close the workspace and restored when you open the workspace. For large wildcard projects, this can significantly reduce startup time when restoring the Project tool window. After opening the workspace, the wildcards are updated in the background.
      • Wildcards are updated in the background except when the wildcard cache is empty.

    • Improved Quick-Start project wizard
      • Quick-Start configuration lets you directly open projects or workspaces from other tools.
      • Project > Open Workspace... adds a new smart dialog to help you discover that SlickEdit can open projects and workspaces from other tools.

    • Improved New Project dialog
      • Project > New... dialog is now resizable.
      • Project > New... dialog adds ability to directly add a tree of source files, recursively or as a wildcard.
      • Project > New... will set the project working directory if the source tree added differs from the project directory.

SlickEdit® / Re: Touchpad double click vs double tap
« Last post by joecar on Today at 04:49:09 pm »
We are looking further into this.  All I can suggest for a workaround with v26 for the time being is to turn of "tap to click" in your macOS TouchPad settings.
SlickEdit 2021 v26 Beta Discussion / Re: Fonts
« Last post by Dennis on Today at 02:48:15 pm »
Reproduced.  Fixed for Beta 4.
SlickEdit 2021 v26 Beta Discussion / Re: backup history not working
« Last post by Dan on Today at 01:24:57 pm »
DA-000011-actual-file.txt is the local file, correct?

Are the most up to date version (DA-000011.txt) and archive file (DA-000011.txt.vsdelta2) the same as before?
SlickEdit User Macros / Re: xretrace and xxutils V2.0
« Last post by rowbearto on Today at 01:05:37 pm »
Thanks Graeme.

What is the best way to upgrade an existing install? I've been unloading each module then doing the 'normal' install, but is there a better way? Can I just reload the xload-macros.e and rerun the install command without unloading?
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