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Title: javadoc-editor stack
Post by: jnairb on October 24, 2018, 07:41:46 pm
I just saw this error on RC3 and also now after loading released 23.0.0 version. With cursor in a javadoc comment, I press C-S-D (javadoc-editor) and it comes up but with no parameters section in the dialog even though the method has parameters.

I tried to reproduce it with a minimal class definition (just the one function), and with that, I get the following error and stack:
Slick-C Error
Invalid number argument

file=javadoc.ex offset=8826

 Invalid number argument
javadoc.ex 8826 _javadoc_form.ctltree1.on_change(10,1)   p_window_id: 13   p_object: OI_EDITOR   p_name:
javadoc.ex 4983 _javadoc_refresh_proctree(1)   p_window_id: 267   p_object: OI_COMMAND_BUTTON   p_name: ctlok
javadoc.ex 13190 _javadoc_form.ctlok.on_create()   p_window_id: 267   p_object: OI_COMMAND_BUTTON   p_name: ctlok
dlgeditv.ex 6413 show(-xy -modal _javadoc_form)   p_window_id: 13   p_object: OI_EDITOR   p_name:
javadoc.ex 14076 javadoc_editor()   p_window_id: 13   p_object: OI_EDITOR   p_name:

This is the test file (a C++ include) that causes the stack:
Code: [Select]
class LoABC : public RmABC

    * Dump node balancer to VLOG
    * @param vlogEntry  A reference to the VLOG entry to dump data into
    * @param invokeDumpToVlogInternal
    *                   An indication of whether to invoke the
    *                   dumpToVlogInternal() method
   virtual void dumpToVlog(const LogEntry& vlogEntry,
                           Boolean invokeDumpToVlogInternal) const;
Title: Re: javadoc-editor stack
Post by: Dennis on October 24, 2018, 11:33:02 pm
Reproduced.  Will see if I can get this into the first hot fix.