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I was not the programmer who put the extern "C" inside the namespace, but I think it can happen when people are in a rush and are not thinking about whether it makes sense or not - they automatically think everything inside the file should be in the namespace and don't stop to think that an extern "C" doesn't make sense there. Or it may be possible that when they originally coded this, they did not have the extern "C", but then hit a compiler/linker error and added the extern "C" without looking to see if it was in a namespace or not, just in a rush to get their code to link and test it. The compiler also did not flag it is an error. Therefore I think it is possible for extern "C" to be inside of namespaces more commonly than we may think.
This will be fixed in 22.0.1.

Note, if you have an extern "C" function nested inside a namespace, you create a function that has something of a dual representation.  It's both in the namespace and not in the namespace (it's outside the namespace in terms of linkage, but still can be referred to with namespace qualification).  While we *could* work around this in the tagging engine, I've decided to delay that for another time since it is such a oddball case, must programmers wouldn't even think you *could* put extern "C" inside a namespace.  It's not worth the effort at this point.

Code: [Select]
#include <iostream>

namespace C{
    void Hello(){
    extern "C" void HelloThere(){
        std::cout<<"Hello There from extern \"C\""<<std::endl;

extern "C" void HelloThere();

int main() {
    C::HelloThere(); //Compiles
    //Hello(); <--- does not compile
    HelloThere(); //Also compiles and prints the same as C::HelloThere() !!!

    return 0;
SlickEdit® / Re: FTP - Can NOT connect.
« Last post by tinker123 on Today at 05:29:52 pm »
It worked.

Thank You

SlickEdit can work with passive transfers (PASV), but it is not the default. You will have to set it up:
1. File>FTP>Default Options
2. Firewall/Proxy tab
3. Enable firewall/proxy ON
4. Select "Router" (Passive transfers will be forced ON)

Now edit your connection profile:
1. Advanced tab
2. Use firewall/proxy ON


SlickEdit® / Re: FTP - Can NOT connect.
« Last post by Rodney on Today at 05:12:22 pm »
The LIST command is failing. You need to enable passive data connections. Search the forum for "PASV" and you should find instructions.

SlickEdit® / FTP - Can NOT connect.
« Last post by tinker123 on Today at 04:55:32 pm »
SlickEdit 2011 (v16.0.3.0 64-bit)
RHEL 6.9


I am on RHEL 6.9.  I have no problem connecting to a remote site, via FTP with the Nautilus File Manager (2.28 ).

I can't connect with Visual Slickedit

The error message I am getting

FTP Error
Error with LIST response. 
Bad or unexpected response
425 Could not open data connection to port 32801: Connection refused

I am not setting that port,  I have the default port of 21.

I am using the remote directory of "/", which works with the file manager on my OS.  I also tried different directories.  No dice.

I am providing my server name, userid, passoword.  I have tried setting my host type to both Auto and Unix.  No dice.

Any idea what is wrong and how I can fix it?



SlickEdit® / Re: smartPaste and Indent Style are not compatible
« Last post by Clark on Today at 03:30:06 pm »
SlickEdit® / Re: Hotfix duplicates menu entry
« Last post by Lee on Today at 02:27:56 pm »
Thanks for the report.  I have reproduced the issue and will start investigating it and search for a solution.
SlickEdit® / Re: highlight matching symbol under cursor limts
« Last post by Lee on Today at 02:14:05 pm »
There is a setting for maximum number of matches for highlighting symbol under cursor, it is not listed under Tools > Options, that needs to be fixed.  But, you can change it on the SlickEdit command-line, set-var def_highlight_symbols_max_matches.  The default is set to 100 matches.  There is also a timeout for symbol highlight searching, which is in Tools > Options > Editing > Context Tagging > Maximums > Maximum response time (ms) for highlighting matching symbols, it defaults to 1000 millisecs. 
SlickEdit® / Hotfix duplicates menu entry
« Last post by stzari on Today at 10:53:11 am »

at some time in the past using SE 21 I added a menu item (gui_find) to the _ext_menu_default_sel menu.
Since then, whenever I apply a hotfix this menu item is duplicated leading to a second "Find" entry in the menu. If I don't remove that, after the next hotfix I have a third "Find" entry and so on.

SE Pro Hotfix 13 on Win10Pro/1709
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