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Community Forum / Re: Find In Files Behavior
« Last post by VinMike on Today at 08:13:05 am »
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Crashes just as soon as you launch it?
Not immediately. I did attached a word document with pictures to the mentioned case but here are the steps too + 1 picture if it helps:
 - I have the project open (an own-maintained makefile project), I select menu Tools -> Version Control -> Browse repository
 - I get a warning that I don’t have a repo setup for the current file’s path and if I want to add it to the repo list
 - I select yes and the repo browser opens, but then crashes in 5s

Uploaded extra details vs2.docx to CAS-71094-K4SF. But maybe these are the essential parts:
8   ntdll.dll   KiUserExceptionDispatcher + 0x2e   0x77a8b63e   C:\Windows\SYSTEM32\ntdll.dll
9   filewatcher.dll   vsDllInit + 0x218e3   0x7992c93   D:\tools\SlickEdit Pro\23.0.0.b4\win\filewatcher.dll
10   filewatcher.dll   vsDllInit + 0x164e7   0x7987897   D:\tools\SlickEdit Pro\23.0.0.b4\win\filewatcher.dll
11   filewatcher.dll   vsDllInit + 0x1ee0a   0x79901ba   D:\tools\SlickEdit Pro\23.0.0.b4\win\filewatcher.dll
12   filewatcher.dll   cmPlugin::hex2dec + 0x20e0e   0x7a1bd2e   D:\tools\SlickEdit Pro\23.0.0.b4\win\filewatcher.dll


7   kernel32.dll   ReadFile + 0x59   0x779109f9   C:\Windows\system32\kernel32.dll
8   tagsdb.dll   cmDebug::`default constructor closure' + 0x47247   0x9367dd7   D:\tools\SlickEdit Pro\23.0.0.b4\win\tagsdb.dll
9   tagsdb.dll   vsTagUpdateLocals + 0x1e92   0x92e9682   D:\tools\SlickEdit Pro\23.0.0.b4\win\tagsdb.dll
10   tagsdb.dll   cmDebug::`default constructor closure' + 0xd149d   0x93f202d   D:\tools\SlickEdit Pro\23.0.0.b4\win\tagsdb.dll
11   tagsdb.dll   cmDebug::`default constructor closure' + 0xc559e   0x93e612e   D:\tools\SlickEdit Pro\23.0.0.b4\win\tagsdb.dll
12   tagsdb.dll   cmDebug::`default constructor closure' + 0xc529b   0x93e5e2b   D:\tools\SlickEdit Pro\23.0.0.b4\win\tagsdb.dll
13   tagsdb.dll   vsTagOpenDB + 0x1e7   0x92d3887   D:\tools\SlickEdit Pro\23.0.0.b4\win\tagsdb.dll
14   tagsdb.dll   tag_read_db + 0xe   0x92d075e   D:\tools\SlickEdit Pro\23.0.0.b4\win\tagsdb.dll
15   vsapi.dll   vsTrace + 0x2444   0x101315c4   D:\tools\SlickEdit Pro\23.0.0.b4\win\vsapi.dll
16   vsapi.dll   vsTrace + 0x1c5c   0x10130ddc   D:\tools\SlickEdit Pro\23.0.0.b4\win\vsapi.dll
17   vsapi.dll   vsTrace + 0x35d0   0x10132750   D:\tools\SlickEdit Pro\23.0.0.b4\win\vsapi.dll
18   vsapi.dll   vsSetEventTabRangeIndex + 0x25c6   0x1012de36   D:\tools\SlickEdit Pro\23.0.0.b4\win\vsapi.dll
19   vsapi.dll   vsSetEventTabRangeIndex + 0x24e7   0x1012dd57   D:\tools\SlickEdit Pro\23.0.0.b4\win\vsapi.dll
20   vsapi.dll   vsguiFindSubMenuWithItemId + 0x271c   0xff6607c   D:\tools\SlickEdit Pro\23.0.0.b4\win\vsapi.dll
21   vsapi.dll   vsInTimer + 0x36d   0xfe34b4d   D:\tools\SlickEdit Pro\23.0.0.b4\win\vsapi.dll
22   QtCore4.dll   QObject::event + 0x6a   0x644d0d1a   D:\tools\SlickEdit Pro\23.0.0.b4\win\QtCore4.dll
23   QtGui4.dll   QWidget::event + 0xf38   0x5f081058   D:\tools\SlickEdit Pro\23.0.0.b4\win\QtGui4.dll
24   QtGui4.dll   QApplicationPrivate::notify_helper + 0xda   0x5f02667a   D:\tools\SlickEdit Pro\23.0.0.b4\win\QtGui4.dll
25   QtGui4.dll   QApplication::notify + 0x1b96   0x5f026306   D:\tools\SlickEdit Pro\23.0.0.b4\win\QtGui4.dll
26   QtCore4.dll   QCoreApplication::notifyInternal + 0xb8   0x644baa48   D:\tools\SlickEdit Pro\23.0.0.b4\win\QtCore4.dll
27   QtCore4.dll   winGetMessage + 0x92f   0x644edfaf   D:\tools\SlickEdit Pro\23.0.0.b4\win\QtCore4.dll
28   QtCore4.dll   winGetMessage + 0x2e8   0x644ed968   D:\tools\SlickEdit Pro\23.0.0.b4\win\QtCore4.dll
29   USER32.dll   TranslateMessageEx + 0x29d   0x77819bbd   C:\Windows\system32\USER32.dll
30   USER32.dll   TranslateMessage + 0x1e2   0x778198c2   C:\Windows\system32\USER32.dll
31   QtCore4.dll   QEventDispatcherWin32::processEvents + 0x414   0x644ee904   D:\tools\SlickEdit Pro\23.0.0.b4\win\QtCore4.dll
32   QtGui4.dll   qt_getRegisteredWndClass + 0x485   0x5f0a1ef5   D:\tools\SlickEdit Pro\23.0.0.b4\win\QtGui4.dll
33   QtCore4.dll   QEventLoop::exec + 0x214   0x644b8734   D:\tools\SlickEdit Pro\23.0.0.b4\win\QtCore4.dll
34   QtCore4.dll   QCoreApplication::exec + 0x107   0x644bafe7   D:\tools\SlickEdit Pro\23.0.0.b4\win\QtCore4.dll
35   vs.exe   cmProductVer::toString + 0x2465   0x13f0ee4a5   D:\tools\SlickEdit Pro\23.0.0.b4\win\vs.exe
36   vs.exe   vspsGetEnv + 0x1937   0x13f100be7   D:\tools\SlickEdit Pro\23.0.0.b4\win\vs.exe
37   vs.exe   slickedit::SEString::operator+= + 0xb0793   0x13f27d5f3   D:\tools\SlickEdit Pro\23.0.0.b4\win\vs.exe
38   kernel32.dll   BaseThreadInitThunk + 0xd   0x779159cd   C:\Windows\system32\kernel32.dll
SlickEdit® / Re: Modify Parameter list not wholly intuitive
« Last post by rgloden on Today at 03:32:24 am »
Maybe I missed it but in Windows version of SE 2017 I didn't find Alt+` documented in the Help->"Keys Help" page.  And search only found Ctrl+` in the Eclipse Emulation section of the page.
Features and/or Improvements / allow forking a buffer
« Last post by jporkkahtc on Today at 12:34:26 am »
I'd like to fork() a buffer: The result is the current buffer is unmodified, but an exact copy is created as an unnamed buffer.

The new buffer should have identical undo/redo history.

    Open a file, make a lot of edits.
    Regret: Oh, what have I done? I'd like to see the code part way thru my changes for comparison.
    Start hitting undo.
    Very carefully examine the old code
    Hope and prey that I've not trashed the redo buffer
    Hit redo to reapply my changes.

A fork() would basically let me check-point my code without fear of losing undo/redo.

File history is helpful here in some cases, *but* it always trashes undo/redo - very annoying!
SlickEdit® / Cursor shape doesn't change on insert-toggle
« Last post by kenl on September 19, 2018, 08:00:38 pm »
Hello folks,

SlickEdit Pro 2017 (v22.0.0.9) on macOS Version: 10.13.6

Using macOS emulation (but I have tried others as well).  When I toggle insert mode (from insert to replace and back), my cursor shape does not change.  It remains a thin vertical bar, although the actual function does change from insert to replace mode.  The only way I can tell that I have changes modes is by checking the lower right corner indicator ("INS" vs. "REP")

The cursor-shape command returns:
-v 450 1000 750 1000 450 1000 750 1000

I've played a bit with that based on some things I've seen online, but to no effect.

Any ideas or experiments appreciated!

SlickEdit 2018 v23 Beta Discussion / Re: Fif: Not searching all the files
« Last post by Clark on September 19, 2018, 06:54:33 pm »
Fixed for beta 5. Two problems. The method of counting when handling excluded binary files can cause search output to be lost. There's an extension based optimization cache which has to be disabled when excluding binary files. Otherwise, the matched files can be random since some files of the same extension can be binary and some not. No caching is done for files with no extension so those aren't a problem.
SlickEdit 2018 v23 Beta Discussion / Re: <binary files>
« Last post by Clark on September 19, 2018, 06:48:44 pm »
SlickEdit 2018 v23 Beta Discussion / Re: FiF, MatchCase failure
« Last post by Clark on September 19, 2018, 06:39:48 pm »
There's a good chance this is related to the <Binary Files> exclusion. Looking like there are two problems. One which can affect the search results.

If you can't reproduce this without excluding <Binary files>, then that's probably it.
In my scenario, SlickEdit crashes when I add a repository to the browser.
SlickEdit 2018 v23 Beta Discussion / Re: FiF, MatchCase failure
« Last post by jporkkahtc on September 19, 2018, 06:17:55 pm »
NOTE: The SearchResult top line shows the search, but not all options.
Specifically "Foreground" is missing.

I have the buffer loaded and modified.
I did this search:
1: Failed: background search -- Find all "CamelCaseIdentifier", Match case, Subfolders, "C:\src\stuff", "*", Exclude: "frog2\;frog3\;*.bat;*.cmd;out\;*.html;build\;target\;.idea\;.git\;*.vtg;*.vpw;*.vpwhist;<Binary Files>"
2: Match: After fail, I tried again, toggling to "foreground" search -- match found.
3: Match: Turned Forground search off, it still found the match.
4: Modified the buffer again
5: Failed: Same search repeated, background, and the search fails.
6: Match: Waited a little while after fail, Same search repeated, background, and the search succeeded.

The repro steps are not entirely reliable -- maybe 50% or so.
Maybe a race condition?

I think this is related to <Binary files> -- though the number of files searched doesn't change when it finds a match or not.
I've not seeen the search fail to find a match when I'm not using <Binary files>

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