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Title: SlickEdit Icons
Post by: Mightymuke on June 04, 2014, 03:57:43 am
Is there any way to change the SlickEdit icons? They're too dark and you can't see the overlays. Ideally I'd like to remove them altogether.
Title: Re: SlickEdit Icons
Post by: Matthew on June 04, 2014, 08:05:30 pm
Right now there is not a way to remove/change the icon resources. But we can look towards lightening them up a bit. Right now those colors match all the marketing branding for the product, so that may take a little wrangling. One of our OEM customers has a request to allow customization of one of the editor context menus (adding icons for commands that the OEM adds to our menus), so we may be able to make a more "generic" solution that would allow for easier customization or removal of icons.