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Features and/or Improvements / allow forking a buffer
« Last post by jporkkahtc on September 20, 2018, 12:34:26 am »
I'd like to fork() a buffer: The result is the current buffer is unmodified, but an exact copy is created as an unnamed buffer.

The new buffer should have identical undo/redo history.

    Open a file, make a lot of edits.
    Regret: Oh, what have I done? I'd like to see the code part way thru my changes for comparison.
    Start hitting undo.
    Very carefully examine the old code
    Hope and prey that I've not trashed the redo buffer
    Hit redo to reapply my changes.

A fork() would basically let me check-point my code without fear of losing undo/redo.

File history is helpful here in some cases, *but* it always trashes undo/redo - very annoying!
SlickEdit® / Cursor shape doesn't change on insert-toggle
« Last post by kenl on September 19, 2018, 08:00:38 pm »
Hello folks,

SlickEdit Pro 2017 (v22.0.0.9) on macOS Version: 10.13.6

Using macOS emulation (but I have tried others as well).  When I toggle insert mode (from insert to replace and back), my cursor shape does not change.  It remains a thin vertical bar, although the actual function does change from insert to replace mode.  The only way I can tell that I have changes modes is by checking the lower right corner indicator ("INS" vs. "REP")

The cursor-shape command returns:
-v 450 1000 750 1000 450 1000 750 1000

I've played a bit with that based on some things I've seen online, but to no effect.

Any ideas or experiments appreciated!

SlickEdit 2018 v23 Beta Discussion / Re: Fif: Not searching all the files
« Last post by Clark on September 19, 2018, 06:54:33 pm »
Fixed for beta 5. Two problems. The method of counting when handling excluded binary files can cause search output to be lost. There's an extension based optimization cache which has to be disabled when excluding binary files. Otherwise, the matched files can be random since some files of the same extension can be binary and some not. No caching is done for files with no extension so those aren't a problem.
SlickEdit 2018 v23 Beta Discussion / Re: <binary files>
« Last post by Clark on September 19, 2018, 06:48:44 pm »
SlickEdit 2018 v23 Beta Discussion / Re: FiF, MatchCase failure
« Last post by Clark on September 19, 2018, 06:39:48 pm »
There's a good chance this is related to the <Binary Files> exclusion. Looking like there are two problems. One which can affect the search results.

If you can't reproduce this without excluding <Binary files>, then that's probably it.
In my scenario, SlickEdit crashes when I add a repository to the browser.
SlickEdit 2018 v23 Beta Discussion / Re: FiF, MatchCase failure
« Last post by jporkkahtc on September 19, 2018, 06:17:55 pm »
NOTE: The SearchResult top line shows the search, but not all options.
Specifically "Foreground" is missing.

I have the buffer loaded and modified.
I did this search:
1: Failed: background search -- Find all "CamelCaseIdentifier", Match case, Subfolders, "C:\src\stuff", "*", Exclude: "frog2\;frog3\;*.bat;*.cmd;out\;*.html;build\;target\;.idea\;.git\;*.vtg;*.vpw;*.vpwhist;<Binary Files>"
2: Match: After fail, I tried again, toggling to "foreground" search -- match found.
3: Match: Turned Forground search off, it still found the match.
4: Modified the buffer again
5: Failed: Same search repeated, background, and the search fails.
6: Match: Waited a little while after fail, Same search repeated, background, and the search succeeded.

The repro steps are not entirely reliable -- maybe 50% or so.
Maybe a race condition?

I think this is related to <Binary files> -- though the number of files searched doesn't change when it finds a match or not.
I've not seeen the search fail to find a match when I'm not using <Binary files>

@at5dapa1 is the issue you're seeing with a private repository?
Yes, private on a local server (on repo cloning a password was needed). The SE project was created manually as an "Other C/C++" from the files after a branch checkout (as the build is based on gnu make and manually maintained makefile).
Don't know yet if I have to give any extra hints to SE regarding the repo as didn't find instructions (yet), only made the git setup. The issue is always repeatable for me (maybe due some wrong setup though)
Crashes just as soon as you launch it?
SlickEdit 2018 v23 Beta Discussion / <binary files>
« Last post by jporkkahtc on September 19, 2018, 06:11:53 pm »
<binary files> doesn't do a consistent job recognizing binary files.

I've uploaded a ZIP file to support with sample files.
Those in "included" are search even when <Binary files> is in the excludes.
Those in "excluded" are not search when <Binary files> in in the excludes.

These are *.lock files created by my build environment.

When I load them as buffers in Slick, they are all recognized as binary.
SlickEdit 2018 v23 Beta Discussion / Re: C# indentation issue (beta 4)
« Last post by arog on September 19, 2018, 05:30:19 pm »
Thank you!
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