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Title: Integrating Borland Help
Post by: rowland51 on August 25, 2007, 01:47:58 pm
Is it possible to configure Slick Edit so that the Boarland help files are accessable ?

For example (just one possible example, I'd want to do other things I'm not listing here because I am not aware of them yet ... ie:   this is a general question - not really specific to JUST THIS ONE EXAMPLE) if I press F1 while the cursor is on a C Language (Borland) function name ... could the Borland help file containing information on that function pop open ?

Title: Re: Integrating Borland Help
Post by: at5dapa1 on August 25, 2007, 05:27:13 pm
Very good question!

I also would like to know if possible to integrate MSDN into SlickEdit. Probably is quite difficult cause every VisualStudio edition has quite different help format, but it would be a huge step further in remaining only inside SlickEdit when programming!  :)

I remember the defunct CodeWright had a such possibility to integrate different external help files ...
So, not urgent, but good idea!
Title: Re: Integrating Borland Help
Post by: hs2 on August 25, 2007, 06:37:33 pm
There is a 'msdn_word_help' command but the normal 'F1 -> help' binding is context sensitive and already handles that transparently.
For configuration use 'Help>Configure F1 MSDN Help'.

For other dexplore based help collections (in my case WDK help) I used this simple macro:
Code: [Select]
_command void wdk_help () name_info (',')
   #define WDK_HELP_ARG          " /helpcol ms-help://ms.WDK.v10.6000 /LaunchFKeywordTopic "
   _str wdk_help = maybe_quote_filename ( get_env( "CommonProgramFiles" ) :+ "\\Microsoft Shared\\Help 8\\dexplore.exe" );
   strappend ( wdk_help,  WDK_HELP_ARG );
   shell (wdk_help :+ maybe_quote_filename( cur_word() ),"AP");

Edit: Note that this collection can also be configured in SE. I used it as workaround to have VS2005 combined help and WDK help available in parallel.

For other simple chm based help files I'm using a (compiled) Autohotkey script. But this is rather a hack than a generic solution.
However - it's better than nothing ;)

Title: Re: Integrating Borland Help
Post by: at5dapa1 on August 26, 2007, 05:10:02 pm
@HS2: seems that SE is full of surprises! You too!  ;D