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SlickEdit® / Re: Unable to create code annotation
« Last post by Dennis on March 30, 2021, 10:59:31 pm »
I believe this is related to,18142.0.html.

I also put in a tweak to some code in the path of that Slick-C stack, so this should be patched up in the next 25.0.1 hot fix.
SlickEdit® / Re: Need help setting up GBD embedded device cross-compiled
« Last post by JimmieC on March 30, 2021, 08:00:28 pm »
Additional info:

I found that I can run GDB from the command line. I'm not very good at running it (following instructions from YT & Google forums).
I can list functions and set and hit breakpoints on the remote target.
Slick-C® Macro Programming / Re: TBFilelist and line spacing.
« Last post by jporkkahtc on March 30, 2021, 07:59:19 pm »
When this same list is shown via document_tab_list_buffers, this resizing doesn't happen.

Normally, p_line_height==17, and after the resize happens, p_line_height==15
Slick-C® Macro Programming / TBFilelist and line spacing.
« Last post by jporkkahtc on March 30, 2021, 07:46:58 pm »
I have customized TBFilelist to include file size and modified time.

An annoying consequence is that the line spacing in this dialog changes -- it gets much tighter.
The dialog opens, and populates and a short time later it redraws with the lines tighter together.

Code: [Select]
    #define TBTREE_COL_SIZE 2

                      se.datetime.DateTime dt = se.datetime.DateTime.fromTimeF(p_file_date);
                      int y, m, d, h, min, s, ms;
                      dt.toParts(y, m, d, h, min, s, ms);
                      treewid._TreeSetCaption(index, p_buf_size, TBTREE_COL_SIZE); /// Comment out this line to avoid the resizing issue
                      treewid._TreeSetDateTime(index, TBTREE_COL_DATETIME, y, m, d, h, min, s, ms);

I've narrowed it down to a single line -- if I comment out the call to TreeSetCaption, this resizing doesn't happen.

Is there a way to avoid this problem?
SlickEdit® / Re: SlickEdit cut-n-past to (some) other programs failed
« Last post by cthomson on March 30, 2021, 07:37:42 pm »
This appears to be something we've been discussing in another thread.  I think maybe the programs having problems don't like pasted HTML format.  You can change whether your clipboard uses HTML format in Tools->Options->Editing->Selections and uncheck the box labeled HTML Format.

Your description seems to fit but I'm not an Apple person so please take my advice with a grain of salt.
SlickEdit® / Autocomplete in smart open?
« Last post by jporkkahtc on March 30, 2021, 07:30:31 pm »
In the open tool window, FileName, when I start typing a full path it shows matches in the box below. For example, I type "C:\W"
In the box below it shows "cygwin64", "Windows", and a bunch of other stuff.
Hitting <ENTER> will open whatever line in the box is selected.

In the default Windows FileOpen dialog, the behavior is a little different - and actually FindInFiles LookIn behaves like this too -- where you start typing, and the matches show in the drop down box. Using the arrow keys to change the selection, and the edit box is populated with the currently selected item.

Can "Filename" in smart open get some autocomplete?
Either like FiF LookIn, or something like symbol completion (Ctrl+Space -- codehelp-complete)?
SlickEdit® / Re: Unexpected Capitalization
« Last post by cthomson on March 30, 2021, 07:30:28 pm »
As expected, it works as advertised... Thanks!
SlickEdit® / Re: Unexpected Capitalization
« Last post by SlickEdit Support on March 30, 2021, 07:18:52 pm »
Hi there,

Rev6 of the cumulative hotfix for v25.0.1 has this change in it:

SlickEdit Support
SlickEdit® / SlickEdit cut-n-past to (some) other programs failed
« Last post by arnaldo on March 30, 2021, 06:15:43 pm »
I'm running with the latest (as of this) hotfix (se2501_6) under macOS 11.2.3.

If I mark and copy some text in SlickEdit I can't paste it in (some) other programs like Apple Mail, iMessage, etc.
Some programs seems to work fine though (like WhatsApp desktop, Firefox, Safari, Terminal).

For me it looks like a buffer format or attribute.

If I past the text first to a program like Vi or TextEdit, I can copy it from there to the program that is not accepting the previous cut buffer.

Is this a known issue? Am I missing something here?

Thansk for any help
This will be fixed in the next hot fix for 25.0.1.
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