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Title: Keeping track of bug-fixes/changes/enhancements in SE future hotfixes a releases
Post by: mjdl on April 15, 2021, 03:45:45 pm
One of the things that make SE great is the openness and quick action of the development team. So many comment threads have Slickedit developers commenting that such-and-such fix/change/enhancement will be in a hotfix, or in a point release, or under consideration for a future major release.

But it's difficult to have an overview of what changes have been settled.

So, I'm wondering if they might introduce and update some read-only comment threads that would update hotfix and point release fixes/changes that are already done and scheduled for hotfix and point releases (and *only* those), along with a link (if applicable) to the original discussion thread(s) that raised the issue. (Maybe there should also be a separate list of potential fixes/features in future major releases as well, just to provide an overview).

Obviously all this bureaucratic nonsense should take the least effort possible, so maybe there's a way to leverage your internal development processes (e.g. source & issue management) to yield this information in a partly automated way.