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SlickEdit® / duplicated files with date time
« Last post by Graeme on Today at 11:48:16 am »
I have a customized version of the save_file function so that whenever I save a file it gets backed up to my google drive.  I recently added some code to make it also make a copy in a OneDrive folder.  For some reason in the OneDrive folder I'm getting a bunch of duplicated files with date and time added to the name.  I have no clue where these files are coming from. Is it possible OneDrive is creating them?  How do I figure this out?

25/02/2018  00:14            12,623 psu.c
24/02/2018  23:52             1,028 psu.c2018-02-24 2351
24/02/2018  23:55            12,014 psu.c2018-02-24 2354
24/02/2018  23:58            12,210 psu.c2018-02-24 2358
24/02/2018  23:59            12,266 psu.c2018-02-24 2359

Code: [Select]
_str save_file(_str filename,_str options)
#if 0
   int renumber_flags=numbering_options();
   if (renumber_flags&VSRENUMBER_AUTO) {
      if (renumber_flags&VSRENUMBER_COBOL) {
      if (renumber_flags&VSRENUMBER_STD) {
   typeless status=_save_file(options " "_maybe_quote_filename(filename));
   if (!status && file_eq(strip(filename,'B','"'),p_buf_name)) {
      if (p_modified_temp_name!='') {
#if 1
      //10:51am 7/3/1997
      //Dan modified for auto-tagging
      if (def_autotag_flags2&AUTOTAG_ON_SAVE) {
         //messageNwait(nls('got here'));
   _str pa = 'C:\Users\GP\Google Drive\slick\copy-on-save\' :+ strip_filename(filename,'DN');
   if (!path_exists(pa)) {
      int result = make_path(pa);
      if (result) {
         _message_box("slick backup make path failed : " :+ result :+ pa);
         return status;

   int result2 = copy_file(filename, pa :+ strip_filename(filename,'P'));

   if (result2 != 0) {
      _message_box("slick backup main google drive copy failed " :+ (_str)(result2));

   int result = copy_file(filename, 'C:\Users\GP\OneDrive\slick-copy-on-save\' :+ strip_filename(filename,'P'));

   if (result != 0) {
      _message_box("slick backup main one drive copy failed " :+ (_str)(result));


SlickEdit® / Re: Still seeing text unselect itself
« Last post by Graeme on Today at 06:38:38 am »
Thanks for the hard work narrowing this down.  This gives me a good starting point as to what code to review.
Won't you be looking for a needle in a haystack?  I wonder whether you could send a debug build to the guy who can reproduce it easily, that had some kind of back tracking built into it so when a selection disappears when it shouldn't, you can capture some data that might tell you the cause.  Or maybe he could ship his computer to you...

How does slick remember other per-file things, like encoding, language, etc?

How should a user reset those?
SlickEdit® / Re: Still seeing text unselect itself
« Last post by Dennis on February 23, 2018, 10:50:16 pm »
Thanks for the hard work narrowing this down.  This gives me a good starting point as to what code to review.
SlickEdit® / Re: Code complete for Ada record elements of array doesn't work?
« Last post by Dennis on February 23, 2018, 10:48:13 pm »
I will look into this next week.
I added a "Never Reload Selected" button for the next hotfix.  It is per session.  If you restart the editor, you will be prompted until you select Never Reload again.  If you close the file and re-open it, same thing.  I don't want to shut it off too permanently, it will cause a problem for somebody.
Features and/or Improvements / "Refresh" Option for open files
« Last post by rowbearto on February 23, 2018, 09:45:09 pm »
SE is usually pretty good at auto-reloading files, but sometimes I'm not sure SE loaded the latest version. I also sometimes see notifications that SE stopped doing auto-reload on some files.

Would be nice if SE could provide a "refresh" button, so that I can force SE to reread the latest contents of the file (especially if it is a logfile written by another process).
I'm looking into this.
mwb1100: Yeah, this is pretty much what I do when too many "Reload Modified Files" pop up - I go to File->Save as and save it somewhere else, then it goes away. Not ideal, would be nice if SlickTeam could find another way.
This may be a bone headed suggestion, but what I'd do as a workaround until SE got the new feature implemented is copy the logfile I was analyzing to another file, and open that copy. Not ideal, but it would probably be a good enough workaround for me.  Or I'd use another editor for the logfile.

My personal example is that I have to deal with serial consoles to embedded devices all the time.  When I'm looking in the scrollback buffer and the device sends some new data, putty (the terminal emulator I use) happily scrolls away from whatever I'm looking at.  To solve that problem I copy the putty contents to the clipboard and paste it into an editor buffer.
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