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Yes! Thank you. I know I was able to do this with my old dev system and could have sworn it was under, "Find" in the "Find and Replace" pop-up.
In versions prior to 21.0.x, <Workspace> and <Project> are only listed in Look in drop-down for Find in Files tab.   The only other requirement that there must be an open workspace and project.
I have no idea why this is not working anymore. I remember this used to work where I could search and select look in <Workspace> or <Project> for only files I have in my project, not every file in the directory. I had to resort to "Search Files" which searches the entire Linux Kernel source tree for /arch/... devices I don't even care about giving me an overwhelming return and useless list.

I am using SlickEdit Version I was going to upgrade so I can work seamlessly with VS2017 but not sure if this will have same lacking behavior.
That's because the value is greater than 16 bits

Code: [Select]
         if (decimal_value > 32 && decimal_value < 65536) {
            hex_value = "\\u" :+ substr("0000",1,6-length(hex_value)) :+ substr(hex_value,3);
            result :+= "<br>unicode (&#"decimal_value";)\t= " :+ hex_value :+ href_push_clipboard_bgn :+ hex_value :+ href_push_clipboard_end;
         } else if (decimal_value > 32 && decimal_value < 0x7FFFFFFF) {
            hex_value = "\\U" :+ substr("00000000",1,10-length(hex_value)) :+ substr(hex_value,3);
            result :+= "<br>unicode\t= " :+ hex_value :+ href_push_clipboard_bgn :+ hex_value :+ href_push_clipboard_end;
I don't see the ASCII in parenthesis in my Unicode section of the popup.  I tried a couple of different languages ... and still no ASCII.  So I tried a few variations ... and loaded the latest hotfix ... no luck.   ???  Attached is what I see.
The unicode part does show the actual character in parens, which most of the time is also valid for ASCII.

The problem with showing hex when there is no leading 0x, for example, is that 404040 is not obviously a hex number, so that feature would only work half the time.
Slick-C® Macro Programming / Re: Equivalent of linux 'tr' command
« Last post by patrick on July 11, 2018, 01:51:23 pm »
In addition if you're running SlickEdit on linux, you can use filter-command to filter a selection through an external command.  So you could use tr directly as well. 
If you're keen you could try customizing EvaluateMouseExpression in debugpkg.e
1) It would be great if the "hover-over-number" feature which displays the number as decimal, hex, octal, binary, Unicode ... would also display as ASCII.

2) It would be great if the "hover-over-number" would also support "hover-over-hex" without the leading "0x" character ... if it is obviously a hex number.  e.g. very good chance that 6f727020 is a hex number.
SlickEdit® / Re: How to hide window tabs??
« Last post by Dan on July 11, 2018, 01:32:10 am »
I'm afraid that's all I've got, I have to fall back to Clark's message about 4k monitors ;)
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