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Title: Slickedit and Version Control
Post by: DLenyard on May 09, 2008, 04:04:13 pm

I'm a CodeWright orphan that has been converted to SlickEdit.  I've setup the integration with our StarTeam (SCC) version control and have a couple questions on functionality. 

I can't get SlickEdit to go out and pull in the (read) files from the project (on StarTeam).  In CodeWright you can have it go out to the repository and pull in the files for your repository's project (in StarTeam, PVCS, etc.), and from there you can select which files you wanted to include in your CodeWright project.  From what I can tell with SE, you have to manually add the files (either by giving a path on your PC or a specific file).  Therefore if a file is added to the repository by another teammate, you then have to know it and manually add to your project.  If there is a way to click a button (or something) to have SlickEdit go out to the repository and pull in the files, please let me know.

Also, when a file is checked out (either by you or a teammate) StarTeam will indicate as such, but I can't figure out how it get it to tell me if a given file has been simply modified (by me), or any other combination of what's in version control being different from what I have locally.  If anyone can help, thanks in advance.


Title: Re: Slickedit and Version Control
Post by: chrisant on May 09, 2008, 06:33:10 pm
There are two ways in SE to keep track of files in a project:

One is to use the Add Wildcard button in the Project Properties dialog, and add a bunch of wildcards, and then SE will reevaluate the list of wildcards (optionally recursively) each time you open the project.

The other is to add each file explicitly.  This is a bit of a pain to do manually, but has much better performance because SE doesn't have to walk the file system each time you open the project.

Naturally we want it to be automatic.  So, mikesart made a macro that automatically adds files, and I tweaked that macro a bit.  You can find it in this thread (  Edit the macro file to add configuration info for your project(s), load the module (Alt+F12 in the macro file, with most keyboard emulations), and then type "ssync" at the SE command line to update your project (Esc invokes the SE command line in most keyboard emulations).