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Title: PLM support
Post by: kihei on December 05, 2006, 08:50:59 pm
We have to maintain some legacy equipment that uses PLM on iRMX. Does anyone know of a SlickEdit add-on to support PLM files?
Title: Re: PLM support
Post by: StephenW on April 30, 2007, 10:41:38 pm
I just saw this post (I am visiting this section of the forums for the first time), and I am also doing support on ancient PL/M code under iRMX.  I have been grappling with the problem of supporting the PL/M language, and have made some progress in adding at least minimal support.

I started with the existing PL/I language support (pl1.e), and have added a minimal declaration parser for PL/M that does work.  However, as the parser code I have written to do this is in Slick-C, it is *very* slow.  It works acceptably well on my work PC, which is a fairly recent 2 CPU Dell, but it is noticeably slow, sometimes to the point where it interferes with editing.  I find that the tradeoff of some slowness against being able to have partial tagging working is well worth it though.

What I really want to do is to use the source code I found for a PL/M to C converter to build proper support in a DLL that will work as fast (and hopefully as well) as the C/C++ support.  The parsing code in the converter seems good - I will have to add parsing of the language extensions we have in our compiler (IF; ELSE; ENDIF; and UNDO to break out of loops), but that should not be too hard to do.  And then getting the parser code converted in SlickEdit tagging support also looks to be not too difficult a problem.  But it will take a significant amount of time, and I have not had enough of that recently (too many support problems to fix!).

So anyway, I have made my plm.e file available for anyone who wants to use it, and if the SlickEdit programmers want to add it to release in the future, they are welcome to do that too.  It is too large to attach to this message, so I have zipped it and put it on a blind URL on my personal web site:

Do be aware that this is a work in progress, and I do not guarantee it is bug free.  I have been using it in its current form now for several weeks, and so far it has been stable.
Title: Re: PLM support
Post by: kihei on July 05, 2007, 11:53:50 am
I have not monitored my topics for quite a while since I thought no one bothered with old languages. Thanks for your reply, I will try what you have done and please keep this in mind if you have any further updates.