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Title: Help with "Reload Selected Files" prompt
Post by: cattlesquat on November 24, 2021, 04:34:43 pm
Hi Folks,

A thing I find really frustrating is being constantly prompted to reload various files that were modified by other processes.

Here are two things that I think would really help:
* Have the checkboxes by all the files already be ticked by default, so if I click one of the buttons on the dialog box it actually does something. Having to go and tick the boxes or find the Invert button is an annoying extra step.
* Have an "absolutely always reload, and never prompt" option that I can select in preferences when I *do* want reloading but don't want to ever be prompted.

I suppose it might help if I describe a typical use case:
1. I have a bunch of windows that got opened by various large find-in-files searches I do
2. Then I go to git in a command window and either pull down updated code or switch to a different branch of my project - boom, lots of files modified, and I end up with a prompt.
3. I have the only-reload-if-modified-in-vs box checked but I still seem to pick up plenty of prompts.
4. Because I'm pulling down new stuff from git, essentially/possibly changing the whole repository, I actually ALWAYS want everything reloaded when this happens - I never want to have to get prompted, check boxes, etc, etc. I realize that sometimes modifications I'd made to files would be wiped out or whatever.