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I don't think I knew zooming like this was a thing. That's handy. Except for the bug.
This may be a tree control bug.

Bring up the Version Control (Git) Update dialog.  With focus in the tree control, hit Ctrl+Plus to make the icons and font larger.  The checkboxes go away and will not come back.
Try emailing support. You'll have to provide sample files and steps to reproduce.
See there has been no comments on this for a week - I do need help. I have looked a little more closely at what is happening, and the problem occurs every time I close a file that has annotations in it, whether the file or annotations have been edited or not. Currently I have 19 'Error saving annotation information to...' dialogs that need to be closed every time. The only way I have found (so far) to resolve this is to delete all annotations!
We will look into this
In the Git Version Control multi-file update window, if I have a file with conflicts, and open the
  • Diff to edit and resolve the conflicts, "Add" is enabled, but if I click on it before saving, it will not prompt to save the edited file first, and will add the file before it has been saved (so it still has conflict markers in it).
Features and/or Improvements / Re: Spell Check - per-language dictionaries
« Last post by Clark on May 11, 2024, 04:31:43 PM »
This will be added to v29
Update on this: I seem to be getting the repeated Error saving... when switching from a workspace that has workspace annotations to a workspace with no annotations.

When I view/edit annotation types, I get a series of 'Error saving annotation information to ... Error : Path not found' dialogs for annotation files for projects that have been deleted/do not exist. These file paths also exist drop down to select annotation file in the New annotation dialog.

Is there anyway to clear these old file paths to stop this happening?


SlickEdit® / Re: Defs tool window and nested C++ namespaces.
« Last post by florihupf on May 08, 2024, 07:00:38 AM »
Thanks Clark, as always.  This would make the Defs tool much more useful for me.
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