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Sounds like it’s not supported yet. Can’t say if it’s real hard or easy to add.
I’m using a Maven java project. Shouldn’t this apply for Maven Java? How to enable live errors for maven java?
Are you using the Options dialog? I tried searching for various terms and double clicking in the search results and it works for me. What search term are you typing and what result item are you double clicking on?
You have to have a Java project open in order for there to be a Build->Java Options menu item.
SlickEdit 2018 v23 Beta Discussion / Re: B6: Syntax expansion & tabs
« Last post by Clark on October 15, 2018, 06:50:30 pm »
In this case beautify while typing should be automatically disabled for syntax expansion in preprocessing. That's what's causing the lines before and after to be indented weirdly.

The syntax expansion still seems useful even if it doesn't put \ at the end of each line as long as beautify while typing does mess up all the indenting.
In the tools dialog, search a term. Scroll to the bottom to 'search results' click on it, then double-click on one of the results. It should jump to that options page, but does not. Nothing happens. I just noticed it in RC1 on Mac, but it does the same thing on Beta4 Linux.

SlickEdit® / Re: CppUTest support
« Last post by TKasparek on October 15, 2018, 06:16:00 pm »
Is there any sort of timing profiling I can enable to help locate where slickedit is hanging when tagging/coloring these files for me? It's really bad. Move the cursor, wait 5 seconds, move the cursor, wait 5 seconds, make an edit, wait 5 seconds...
SlickEdit 2018 v23 Beta Discussion / push-tag-filter-overloads not working in Java
« Last post by rowbearto on October 15, 2018, 05:47:13 pm »
In my Java source code, I attempted a "push-tag-filter-overloads" on the "lastIndexOf()" from String library, but it did not bring me to the correct overload

Code: [Select]
String someStringVar;
// Try push-tag-filter-overloads on "lastIndexOf" below

See attached screenshot - I was expecting it to take me to the top definition as I don't have a second parameter in my call, and Java does not have default parameters like C++.
I was trying to find out how to use "Java Live Errors".

I went to the documentation, in help index I searched "live error" and double clicked on "Java Live Errors".

The docs here say that I should do Build->Java Options.

However there is no "Java Options" item in the Build menu.

If I go to Tools->Options->Languages->Application Languages->Java

I see "Compiler Properties", but I don't see anywhere here to enable Live Errors.

If I search for "live" in the tools->options search text, there are no hits.
SlickEdit 2018 v23 Beta Discussion / Re: b4: No backups of files
« Last post by jnairb on October 15, 2018, 04:56:15 pm »
Re backup under TMP. For my purposes, it wouldn't really matter too much if it were cleared by Windows, but I don't think I've ever noticed it cleaning that out. I rarely run Windows disk cleanup however, but I have occasionally, and still haven't noticed any issues.
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