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SlickEdit® / Re: Hang when doing find in file during build
« Last post by Clark on Today at 01:25:37 am »
The filesize of the replacement vs_exe is 45060896. There will be no version change information for this attempt at a fix. The original file was slightly smaller.
SlickEdit® / Re: Hang when doing find in file during build
« Last post by mklein on July 21, 2017, 06:51:37 pm »
I copied over the new binary, but I see:
Build Date: June 26, 2017

Is there any way to tell for sure that I am running the binary you want me to run?
SlickEdit® / Re: Folder view issues with wildcards
« Last post by pmsteinm on July 21, 2017, 06:47:34 pm »
Yes, the problem is in 21.0.3 on Linux x64.  I have something like this:

Manual Folder1
  file1 (selected by wildcard, no recurse)
  file10 (selected by wildcard, no recurse)
Manual Folder2
  <entire dir selected by wildcard, recurse)

In VS 20.0.3 under Folder2, I see a bunch of folders each with files, matching the directory structure under the parent dir I've selected.
In VS 21.0.3 under Folder2, I see all the files from all the subdirs listed flat in alphabetical order. There are no sub folders shown under folder2.

I'm sure something more complicated is going on (I have a lot more than folder1 and folder2). I can't give you the project file directly. I will have to spend some time creating a sanitized screen shot and project file.

Does the GUID field in the .vpj doing anything? Is there some secrect sauce encoded in there that I might need to wipe out?

The variable def_project_wildcard_flat_file_list is not set, and I don't have refilter wildcards checked. I know its hard to debug without seeing the actual project files, but I was hoping you might have some ideas for me to try before I spend a bunch of time creating some sanitized stuff (which I won't be able to get to for a few days).

The other weirdness is we have a bunch of silly links to links and to parent dirs. Since things are such a mess with our file structure, I use absolute paths (all starting with "/") with all links resolved for adding everything in my .vpj manually (I did not use the GUI to create it).
SlickEdit® / Re: Folder view issues with wildcards
« Last post by Lee on July 21, 2017, 03:49:09 pm »
In v21.0.3?  In Custom View with Refilter enabled, all wildcards are inserted in a flat file view sorted by folder filters.   Without refilter, wildcards are inserted into parent root folder, then by folder matching the relative path.  That should always be the case even for non-recurse wildcards.  There is a def-var that will force non-filtered wildcards to show in a flat file list, def_project_wildcard_flat_file_list.  Maybe that got enabled?  You would have to show me an example project and maybe some screenshots to better understand what you seeing and try to figure out what you'd like to see.
SlickEdit® / Re: Folder view issues with wildcards
« Last post by pmsteinm on July 21, 2017, 02:37:43 pm »
I think I am having a similar problem. My project file has a mix of directories where I have recurse=0 in the .vpj and  recurse=1. In V20 that worked great giving me the folder view in the recurse=1 directories. With V21 all the recurse=1 directories show a flat listing of files. The refilter wildcard option does not seem to help (toggling it completely hoses up my project requiring me to revert to an saved .vpj file. Is there a workaround for this? I had to edit my vpj by hand a year or 2 ago to get it to show things the way I wanted (combination of manually created folders and automatic folders). Is there a way I should go about creating the project file from scratch under V21 to get my mixed behavior? I figured the way the project file worked was the only place folders got automatically created was when recurse was set to 1. Otherwise the other folders are ones I create.
When I add a new build configuration, it is always added to the end of the list of build configurations (in the drop down in project properties, or in the drop down that I add to my toolbar). It seems to follow the order in the .vpj file. So I end up manually editing the vpj file to place the build configurations to place them in alphabetical order. Alphabetical order is useful for finding a build configuration, especially when I have many of them.

I would like for SE to automatically put the build configuration into the vpj file (and hence all lists) in alphabetical order so that I don't need to manually do this myself.
SlickEdit® / v21.0.3.0 64-bit Win7: Losing Vim markers
« Last post by davew on July 21, 2017, 11:55:58 am »
I am having a very frequent occurrence (although not always) of setting a vim marker and when I go back to it, it goes back to a previous marker location.

For example, I type mm to set marker 'm'. I see the green marker icon on the line in which I set it. I then navigate to another location in the same file and when I am finished, I press `m to go back to the marker and it goes back to an older location of the 'm' marker. When I go to the last place I set it, the marker is gone.
SlickEdit® / Re: C/C++ Beautify Continuation Indent for Function
« Last post by Clark on July 20, 2017, 11:40:48 pm »
I still can't reproduce this. You have the continuation indent set to 6 which is odd. Instead of the "int abc" being indented 3 it ends up indented by 6. That's still not what you've described where the beautified text is aligned to the open paren.
SlickEdit® / Re: SlickEdit Hotfix Log
« Last post by Mike on July 20, 2017, 07:59:43 pm »
Revision 6 of the cumulative hot fix is available for SlickEdit v21.0.3.
Please be sure you have SlickEdit v21.0.3 before loading this hot fix!

There is a new cumulative hot fix for SlickEdit 2016 (v21.0.3) available on the page linked below:

All of the fixes in the cumulative hot fix are listed below.

Latest revision updates:

• html.e -- Fix for HTML files with very long lines, where splitting a long line with ENTER can end up swapping bits of text around.

Previous revision updates:

• addons.e annotation.e se/datetime/DateTimeFilters.e -- Fix date filters on annotations tool window.
• cjava.e listproc.e tags.e -- Fix PHP Context Tagging(R) tag navigation between files in the smae workspace. Fix list-locals command for embedded code segments.
• cbrowser.e sysobjs.e -- Fix Symbols tool window filtering by regular expression or multiple terms.
• c.e actionscript.e java.e slickc.e -- c-asterisk command breaks the pad-star key binding for brief emulation. Also pad-slash can cause issue with key bindings users have made. The mode specific bindings for PAD-STAR and PAD-SLASH have been removed.
• plsql.e -- Fix for Enter key when at beginning of first line of SQL file indenting when it shouldn't.
• html.e stdprocs.e -- Fix for recording macro in HTML/PHP file and typing <>cursor-left causing Slick-C stack.
• javadoc.e -- Fix Javadoc editor where it could pick up arguments to a"catch" as method parameters in Java.
• debuggui.e -- Warn, but do not error out if we can not correctly identify the GDB version when adding a new GDB configuration.
• codehelp.e -- Fix Slick-C stack when trying to jump to a function prototype from mouse-over information.
• treeview.e -- Fix Slick-C stack when expanding certain tree nodes, generally in the Open tool window.
• ptoolbar.e project.e -- Fix Slick-C stack when using Cut/Copy/Paste in Projects tool window.
• tagfind.e -- Strip trailing spaces off of search string in Find Symbol dialog.
• autocomplete.e -- Fix a problem with completion that could cause extra text after the completion to be deleted.
• util.e -- Enhanced "man" command to use the current word if no parameters are specified so it can be bound to F1.
SlickEdit® / Templates and wrapping
« Last post by jporkkahtc on July 20, 2017, 06:11:34 pm »
I was playing around with templates --- thought I'd create a couple of python templates.
I found that Slick will wrap the text when creating the new file, but I haven't figured out the rules for this.

For example, if the template file has this text
1aName_of_item_entered,_as_on_the_Add_New_Item_dialog<195 spaces>

Where line 1a is 250 columns, but line 1b is 55 columns, then in a file created from this template,  I get this:
1aName_of_item_entered, \

OTOH, another line of text that is really long (265 columns):
the quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dogthe quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dogthe quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dogthe quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dogthe quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dogthe quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog

Does not get wrapped.
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