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Title: Please help, tag files
Post by: erezh on October 14, 2010, 07:52:17 am
Hi all, please help.

I've upgraded from slick edit 13 to, and after working for a while with no problem, I'm getting duplicate tags from multiple workspaces now.

In my environment I have multiple workspaces with the same name and the same projects but under different directories, e.g., project1/project.vpw, project2/project.vpw etc.  (i.e., I have multiple enlistments for my vcs).

When I start noticing the problem I deleted the *.vpwhistu and *.vtg file from each one of my top directories.  I opened each workspace by invoking 'vs project.vpw', SlickEdit rebuilt the tag files, I closed the workspace and repeated with the next one.  I did verify that it created a vtg file in each one of the directories, however when I search for a symbol in any of my workspaces it lists the symbol 5 times, one from each of my workspaces.

The files are in real directories, and are not symlinks.

any idea?

Title: Re: Please help, tag files
Post by: ScottW, VP of Dev on October 14, 2010, 02:02:22 pm
Do you still v13 installed? If so, do you get the same problem opening those workspaces with it using the newly created tag files?

When you ran v15 for the first time, did it copy your config from v13, which is the default behavior? If so, can you start v15 with a clean, default config. The best way is to use the following command to launch SlickEdit: vs -sc [full path to a directory that does not have a config].  For example, "vs -sc c:/temp/defaultconf".

If those tests don't shed some light on things, then we'll have you contact product support to send in your vpw, vpj, and a vtg file.
Title: Re: Please help, tag files
Post by: erezh on October 25, 2010, 08:36:55 am
Deleting the common gcc tag files seem to have helped.