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Title: GDB woes
Post by: dunkers on May 03, 2007, 03:42:27 pm
I'm using SE to edit a PPC Linux app on Windows, remote debugging via a PPC and Cygwin build of GDB. Works great. At least, it used to...

What I get now is the "Error starting debugger..." message when I try to connect (via the network). However, I have the same project in a different directory and that works fine! I'm fairly sure that neither project started out using the GNU C/C++ wizard...

Interestingly, if I start with the failing project and fail to debug, then switch to the good project... the good project also fails. However, if I restart SE with the good project then that works fine, but switching to the bad one doesn't get it going. As far as I can tell, both projects have the same configuration.

In addition to that, if I open the debugger options dialog the Runtime Filters and Directories tabs are disabled (as per the attached screenshot). I loaded SE on my laptop too, and if I check the debuuger options on there the tabs are not disabled! How do I get them back on my main machine?
Title: Re: GDB woes
Post by: dunkers on May 03, 2007, 04:04:44 pm
Ah! The project settings weren't the same. On the good project I'd set the path for the build and rebuild tools to be what the Cygwin environment expects (i.e. nothing like the Windows path). For the bad project I had a brainwave and set the workspace properties environment to this path, thus negating the need to duplicate everything for every tool. Plainly, that path screws up SE, presumably in the way in which it finds the Cygwin DLL. However, the environment path did include the Cygwin bin directory (where the DLL is) albeit using a *nix style path.

And... my debugger options dialog is showing the disabled tabs as enabled now! I'm seriously impressed with this telepathic support the SE team appear to have taken up  ;)