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Title: Selective Display default?
Post by: b on October 03, 2018, 05:48:36 pm
I had recalled when the selective display had been added.   However, setting up my new environment, I had to hunt down where to turn it back on.   Now, I'm seeing that it appears that it only is showing a single level.  Even when I open up Selective Display, it shows the correct settings, but I have to click OK before it takes.... on every file.   Is this correct?

Also, it appears when I open the Selective Display, it always seems to arbitrarily reset my view of the file (scrolling it several lines/pages).

Below is the before and after (before...opening selective view and showing that it has my settings, but you can see that the file doesn't reflect this; after is just clicking OK and reopening the same selective view--rescrolling my view back to where I was--and showing that the file now shows the desired outline).   

Is there a way to make this global (or at least global to file type?)  Or is this designed to be solely per file in its setting?   If so, why does it show that single outline in all files?