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Title: problem after changing menu.
Post by: flethuseo on June 17, 2014, 06:29:36 pm
while playing with my context menus.. I completely screwed up the _ext_menu_default_select. when I was trying to add an item I changed that item's menu name to '_ext_menu_default_gen_debug'. Now my _ext_menu_default_select won't show up at all when I right-click on a selection. How can I reset this menu without reinstalling, or minimally resetting my slickedit configuration, loaded macros etc...

I have also grepped for the word '_ext_menu_default_gen_debug' in my slickedit configuration, and I can find it in these files:

"Documents\My SlickEdit Config\18.0.1\vusrs18.0.1.2h.e.vsdelta"
"Documents\My SlickEdit Config\18.0.1\pipDB.dbs"

Title: Re: problem after changing menu.
Post by: hs2 on June 17, 2014, 09:48:59 pm
One way to restore/patch the factory default GUI components:

- open <SE install dir>\macros\sysobjs.e
- copy e.g. _menu _ext_menu_default_sel { ... }
- open <SE config dir>\vusrs18.0.1.2h.e (see Help>About for your actual paths)
- paste copied _ext_menu_default_sel code and maybe manually tweak it
- invoke vusrs18.0.1.2h on SE cmdline (since it contains defmain() it's a SE batch macro)
- verify the result

Good luck, HS2