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This modified code works:
Code: [Select]
  MSC->CTRL |= 0x1UL << 8;  // displayed as inactive code

This original code, doesn't:
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#if defined(_SILICON_LABS_32B_SERIES_1) \
  MSC->CTRL |= 0x1UL << 8;  // NOT displayed as inactive code

The defines are defined project_cpp.h:
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#undef _EFR_DEVICE

SlickEdit Pro 2022 (v27.0.0.6 64-bit Qt5)

Serial number: WB951378
Licensed number of users: Single user
License file: C:\ProgramData\slickedit\27\slickedit.lic

Build Date: October 18, 2022
Emulation: CUA

OS: Windows 10 x64
OS Version: 10.00.0 
Memory: 19% Load, 6359MB/32464MB Physical, 8620MB/32464MB Page File, 5289MB/134217727MB Virtual
Shell Information: C:\Windows\system32\cmd.exe /q
Screen Size: 1920 x 1200 (0 0 1920 1200), 1920 x 1200 (-1920 0 1920 1200)

Project Type: Cpp
Language: .h (C/C++)
Encoding: ACP (1252)

Installation Directory: D:\tools\totalcmd\Tools\dev\SlickEdit\core\27.0.0\ (non-removable drive,NTFS,264324MB free)
Configuration Directory: D:\tools\totalcmd\Tools\dev\SlickEdit\config\27.0.0\ (non-removable drive,NTFS,264324MB free)
Spill File: C:\Users\work\AppData\Local\Temp\$slk.8228 (non-removable drive,NTFS,375090MB free)
SlickEdit® / Re: Vertical size of documents tabs
« Last post by Clark on November 30, 2022, 08:46:31 pm »
Looks like you have to restart SlickEdit after changing the Document Tab font in order for the changes to take effect.
SlickEdit® / Re: Vertical size of documents tabs
« Last post by Graeme on November 30, 2022, 10:02:51 am »
yes, there is a way.  In tools -> options -> font -> application -> document tabs.  Choose a larger font.
SlickEdit® / Re: Bug in font options
« Last post by Clark on November 29, 2022, 02:17:22 am »
We will look into this
SlickEdit® / Bug in font options
« Last post by jporkkahtc on November 28, 2022, 06:51:41 pm »
Tools > Options > Appearance > Fonts

Click "Html Controls -> Param Info -> Font Name"
The dropdown box appears for selecting the font (but it is not expanded).
Ctrl+Click any other line to multi select.

The Dropbox box is now stuck.
You cannot change other font lines.
Hitting +/- will only affect the font size on ParamInfo, no matter what other line is selected.
SlickEdit® / Re: on macOS Ventura, unable to dock windows
« Last post by Clark on November 25, 2022, 11:38:35 pm »
If you have a problem on Ventura, download the 27.0.0 installer again (reinstall). The initial 27.0.0 installers had some issues on Ventura.
SlickEdit® / Vertical size of documents tabs
« Last post by arnaldo on November 25, 2022, 08:01:49 pm »
Is there a way to change the vertical size of the documents tabs? On a 4K monitor (macOS) they are very short, almost just space for the text. On my notebook (much less real state) they are relatively taller and nicer.

thanks in advance!
SlickEdit® / Re: on macOS Ventura, unable to dock windows
« Last post by arnaldo on November 25, 2022, 07:59:13 pm »
I see no problems with docling tools or windows, either source or any other.

I'm running Ventura on an ARM machine. From now on, at least for a few years, we will need to specify if running on ARM or Intel, for either macOS or Windows (I do run ARM Windows 11 too). There can be differences. Another consideration is if running ARM or Intel binaries (when under ARM Windows or macOS).
SlickEdit® / Re: Opening projects with about 90k files significantly slower on v27?
« Last post by florihupf on November 25, 2022, 08:15:09 am »
Thanks for the follow up and improvements Clark, can't wait to try them out :-)
SlickEdit® / Re: Slickedit keeps hanging on me...
« Last post by jporkka on November 24, 2022, 04:54:00 pm »
Happy Thanksgiving!

Just a bookmark -- which is why it took me a bit to figure out what was going on.
The problem was specific to the workspace, so I tried to figure out how this workspace was different.

Anecdotally, I find GDrive to be the least reliable of the three. (I use GDrive some because its the official way to share files at work).  OneDrive is really Two Drives. OneDrive "Classic" for home, and OneDrive for work is really SharePoint. Maybe overtime they will get merged, but I don't know. Mostly I use OneDrive for backups and sharing files with others. It definitely gets confused if you stress it by moving files around a lot or other intensive things.
Also, OneDrive (Classic at least) has gotten better over time - I've noticed some bugs have been fixed.

GDrive will often fail simple cmd commands, like "copy G:\...\ThisFile.txt G:\..\THatFile.txt", where the same operation will work in Explorer. (Odd, because I thought both would just call the Win32 CopyFile function). Stuff that a typical office worker might do seem OK. Stuff a typical cmd line wielding dev might do are a lot less likely to work well.

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