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Title: Modify CVS context sensitive menus?
Post by: mgweeks on July 10, 2006, 11:52:10 pm
I have problems with the right mouse button click menu that pops up when I am viewing the CVS Update Directory dialog. The menu only allows me to add the selected file to the commit set. When I am going through a large project, it is a pain to have to constantly go between selecting a file, going to the bottom of the window, pressing a button, going back up and selecting the next file, etc. I want the right click menu to allow me to do the CVS diff, commit, etc. functions. Is there somewhere that I can customize this menu to meet my needs?

And, since I've got your attention, here is another problem. If I execute a command (such as diff) on a file in the above dialog, I lose the focus on the Update Directory dialog. When I exit out of the file difference, I am back to my edit window and then have to alt-tab to get back to the Update Directory dialog. How can I get this to keep from switching focus on me?

Thanks for any answers you can provide.
Title: Re: Modify CVS context sensitive menus?
Post by: Dan on July 12, 2006, 01:13:48 pm
There really isn't a good way to tweak that menu.  Perhaps we could bind one of these operations to a key?  I am not sure exactly what you are looking for.

Regarding the loss of focus, I have heard of this, and maybe even seen it on other machines, but cannot currently reproduce it on my machine.
Title: Re: Modify CVS context sensitive menus?
Post by: mgweeks on July 12, 2006, 04:59:14 pm
Well, to clarify what I am talking about.. If I right click on a project and select Version Control/Compare ... with CVS... it brings up a dialog titled "CVS Update Directory". In the bottom of that window, it has several buttons including History, Diff and Commit. Presently, if I am working with a large number of changed files, I need to constantly move the mouse from the file tree to select a file to the button bar to select an action. It would be significantly faster if I could just right click on a file and pick the action I want. At the present, the only action allowed on right click is to add the file to a commit set (along with hide and un-hide). Somebody needs to go back to UI design school. There are hotkeys for diff, commit, etc. so if I practice maybe that will help although having to alt-tab to get back to the dialog is still annoying.

I don't consider myself to be a UI design guru but it seems to me there are some basic things missing. For one thing, isn't the right click mouse button supposed to be for things that you do frequently? Maybe it's just me but it seems that diff and commit are at least as important as adding to a commit set (if not more so). Maybe I'm spoiled but when I was developing for Windows, I was using Tortoise CVS to manage my files. To me, that is an extremely well designed UI and I have yet to find  anything on Linux that comes close.

As another side note, I don't really comprehend "commit sets". I edit files throughout a huge project tree as needed and then I want to commit whatever has changed. I don't really work with sets of files other than at the project level. But maybe I should reserve this for another topic.

Thanks for your response.
Title: Re: Modify CVS context sensitive menus?
Post by: Dan on July 12, 2006, 06:25:52 pm
I will look into getting the other items added to the context menu.  I agree they should all be there.

The concept behind commit sets was the following scenario: You're fixing a bug.  It is in multiple files, so you give the commit set a name, you can give a "blanket comment" for all the files, plus individual comments, and then diff and commit them all together.  The reason you can add to a commit set from the GUI Update is so if you do a compare and notice a file you skipped.