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Title: Beta2, Alt-, (function_argument_help)
Post by: jporkkahtc on September 03, 2014, 08:54:59 pm
When you bring up help for a function it often comes up partially scrolled so you cannot see the top of the help information.

There doesn't seem to be a keyboard way to scroll the help-popup either, so I have to grab the mouse to scroll it.

For example, open "stdprocs.e", online 6761 put the cursor just inside "pos(" and press alt-,
The top shows the function prototype, then the body of the  help text is scrolled about 7/8ths of one line hiding "Parameters".

#1: It should start displaying the top, not scrolled down.
#2: There should be a keyboard way to scroll this text.
#3: Interesting -- Shift+Arrows move the Parameter help pop up windows around - Nifty, I never noticed this before.
This is not documented.

#4: Documentation suggestion: Create a Visual index.
Get screen shots of all the various pop-ups and modes, gather them into a single place in the Help, and make each a link to the right page in the documentation describing it.
This would have let me figure out that this feature is called "auto parameter information" quicker - I could just scan thru those screen shots until I found the one I was looking for.

Title: Re: Beta2, Alt-, (function_argument_help)
Post by: jporkkahtc on September 03, 2014, 09:10:40 pm
WRT #4: Actually, even better would be to place a "?" button in the top-right of these pop-ups which would link to help - or just make "F1" be smart enough to notice that there is a pop-up active and take you to the correct place in help

Its often pretty hard to find help for these things becuase you don't know what they are called - even someone who has used Slick for a long time.