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Title: Help with moving Macros?
Post by: Bandersnatch on February 28, 2007, 09:10:36 pm
Hey there,

I'm trying to export a large number of my macros onto a different machine, and I was wondering how it's possible.  I've looked at the shared macros section of the website, and generally got that only the *.e files along with the requisite forms (vusrobj I'm guessing) need to be moved; I am, however, having problems doing this with my own macros.  They load as expected, but the forms don't seem to be showing up on the 'Open Form' dialog.

Further, most of these forms are implemented using Toolbars, and adding menu options; and moving those seem to be out of the question as I haven't seen any samples doing this.

So, I quest it's a few questions, really.
Is the moving of Forms&toolbars/menu items possible?
Is there an automated way to import these macros/forms&toolbars/menus?
If there is not, are there any guidelines, or practices ruling how said objects should be moved?

Any help or pointers to samples that I missed would be greatly appreciated.
(PS operating on windows XP, SE version 11)

EDIT:  Why didn't I think of that update:
I used the SlickEdit command line to load up the forms instead of using theh dialogs, and got them in there easily.
Title: Re: Help with moving Macros?
Post by: Bandersnatch on March 08, 2007, 03:01:16 pm
I fixed most of the problems by recreating the menus and such, but I'm still having trouble with toolbars; I can't seem to create them automatically by SlickC.  I've looked for a function like _menu_insert, but there doesn't seem to be one. I've also tried modifying the source code from tbprops.e, the events ctlnew.lbutton_up() and void ctlok.lbutton_up(), but it seems to have no effect on the environment.  Any suggestions would be appreciated.