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Title: Using Slickedit as an editor only
Post by: MSO on February 23, 2016, 08:09:02 pm
I started with 'brief' back in the day and ended up with Version 11 ( 64 bit) in 2012 about six months after I retired.

Do to a wide variety of compilers, environments, etc., I never used Slickedit to compile/link/debug. I always used it strictly as an editor and it performed extremely well in that role.

However, something happened with Version 11; it no longer seems capable of following the environment I set for my compiler.  When I want to open a c/c++ header file, it use to search my include path and open the file if found.  It no longer does that, rather, it appears to me me to set up an environment for its use in addition to the environment I have to set up for my compiler.

I really, really, do not want to do that.  For every project (my project, not the compilers project, not the editors project) I set up, I create a CMD file that sets exactly the path, include and lib directories I wish to use.  This allows me to use various versions of headers, libraries, compilers, etc. without confusion or the accidental mixing of source code, SDKs or header files.

How can I tell Slickedit to forget all about its tag files, smart files, projects and workspaces and simply use my preset environment variables when searching for definitions and include files?

Thanks for any help,
Title: Re: Using Slickedit as an editor only
Post by: mjdl on February 24, 2016, 07:05:48 pm
I don't remember what the "Workspace Properties" dialog is like in version 11, but the current version allows setting user specified environment variables per workspace, see attached image, with TEST_ME=Bla-bla
Those will be over-ridden by identically named variables in the "Open" tab of an open active project, see the second attached image with TEST_ME=bling-bling
Remember a blank "(other)" type project with no sources or tag files specified can be used to merely specify environment variables, build commands, etc., so a set of similar projects can have a common set of environment variables set by the common workspace. And independent Makefiles might be use to control the project builds--i.e. only one build command in effect.
I have never used Slickedit workspaces/projects in such a stripped down fashion, so this is all speculation... not sure if this helps.