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Title: Annotations features
Post by: jporkkahtc on August 24, 2016, 08:42:34 pm
A couple of feature requests:

In annotation files the paths to the annotated files should be workspace or project relative.
I keep several copies of my project workspace, and I use symbolic links for the workspace and project files so that I can have a single set of workspace/project files that can be used over several different copies of the source code.
If the annotations used relative paths, then a could be shared as well.

The annotation tool window should allow editing of the annotations in place.
In the "Comment" box, the text is read-only, but it should be editable.

In the annotations list box (the center section), most of these fields should be edit-in-place.
Currently, fields like "author" aren't editable at all - they should be.

All fields in an annotation should be editable, not just the comment.
Author, Date, Type, Version and even Annotation File.

Title: Re: Annotations features
Post by: jporkkahtc on August 24, 2016, 08:44:44 pm
Oh, and export a selected set of annotations to a human readable format for sharing with non-slick users.
Import from the same format would be great.
export/import to CSV would be nice for sharing as well - even though it isn't really readable directly lots of other things know how to use it.

XML isn't exactly readable.

HTML would be nice and allow some formatting with tables, etc.