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Title: Install option feature to force a 'clean' install of SE.
Post by: PurdueEEGrad on September 14, 2016, 03:13:44 am
I would like to see an install option feature to force a 'clean' install of SE.

By 'clean install' : I mean "do NOT migrate previous state space from previous SE versions".

Thus I need a 'clean install' - so I can test beta/release candidates - from a 'clean install'
state space. I have close to a dozen macro modules that define keybindings, colors, dialogs,
menus, toolbars and macros. Each year, it would be nice, to see if the latest yearly version
can do features I have been wanting for years (ie; like since 2009, etc).

Testing out SE betas and release candidates is much easier now, then it was way back in
the pre 2009 time frame. Having this feature would make the testing cycle that much quicker.
I would prefer to retest my SE module suite with each beta release - but its sort of a pain
(time wise) when little features like this, that have a big impact on my time, are NOT at
hand when I need to use them (of course .... I really love SlickEdit :-).

The implementation of the feature could be in an advanced Options context - where a previous
version could 'signal' to a following version NOT TO MIGRATE SETTINGS (ie; the SE state space).
This design option has the advantage to keep newbie users from having to make this decision -by
hiding the feature (so to speak) in the vast option settings currently used by loyal fans of the
SlickEdit product.

A much, much preferred implementation (of this feature request) - would be to have a simple checkbox on
one of the installer dialogs - that simply says "Do not migrate previous settings". In this way I
can simply check the box - install - and then test out the 'clean' default state of SE (SlickEdit) without
going through the hassle I now have to do to get a simple clean install.

I checked the V21 RC1 SE Help - but did not find this feature.

Thanks ever so much for putting this feature in if you do :-)

Long Live SlickEdit !!!
Title: Re: Install option feature to force a 'clean' install of SE.
Post by: Dennis on September 14, 2016, 02:26:49 pm
For a "clean install" without migrating settings, you can always launch SlickEdit with the "-sc" option to specify a configuration directory.   vs -sc "C:\Temp\vs21rc2config"
Title: Re: Install option feature to force a 'clean' install of SE.
Post by: PurdueEEGrad on September 15, 2016, 12:36:05 pm
Regarding the vs -sc option for a clean launch on a new config space......

I love it! - It works great for testing my 'options' SE module - that sets all of my
personal configuration options. These are options normally set via the SE GUI.

Instead of depending on migration (which is a great idea) - I prefer the use of
SE modules to config and expand the product.

I would still, however, prefer an option for a clean install on the installer. This way
I can move my software development environment to a stable state (based on my
set of SE modules - loaded just after the clean install). I have around 12 SE modules
for options, keybindings, colors, menus, toolbars, etc.

Regarding my 'options' SE module : It simply saves me time not having to use the
GUI when I install betas, release candidates or released products.

Thanks for the tip on the VS -SC option. I really helps move my beta testing of SE