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Title: vsdiff - generating file list file...
Post by: jporkkahtc on August 22, 2017, 09:19:24 pm
When diffing two large folders I would like better filtering.
One way to do this is to generate a diff FileListFile.

Slick ought to be able to do this -- for example, FindInFiles should be able to produce a file list that DiffZilla can consume.

Then I can do a FIF for SOMETHING, produce the list of files that contain SOMETHING, and feed that into DZ - without a lot of mucking around cleaning up the output from FIF to make DZ happy with it.

FIF produces lists of full pathnames, while DZ will only accept relative paths :-(

A tweak in DZ would help.
If DZ is comparing C:\foo1\bar to C:\foo2\bar and the file list contains full paths like
C:\foo1\bar, then DZ should accept that -- just strip off the part of the path that matches the DZ Path1 or Path2

DZ could also ignore the first line if it starts with "Find all...".