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Title: Operations on Discontiguous Selections
Post by: rgloden on March 04, 2018, 11:20:34 pm
It would be nice if (more?) operations worked on discontiguous selections.

So for instance, selecting just the code lines below and then supporting "format-columns" on the discontiguous selections as though it were one selection.  Currently it just formats the first selection and ignores the second selection (at least in V21.0.1.0 which is on my current machine).

Code: [Select]
   // some comment about the code
   const uint32 NUMBER_OF_PARTS = 14;
   const uint32 NUMBER_OF_SWITCHES = 3;
   // some more comments
   const uint32 NUMBER_OF_N = 22;
   const uint32 NUMBER_OF_SPARES_IN_INV = 11;
   const uint32 NUMBER_OF_LINES_DONE = 21;