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Title: way to open directory as 'project' or 'workspace?
Post by: ealbers on March 11, 2018, 11:44:42 am
I've been using visual studio code side by side with slickedit a bit, as it does one thing (and really only one) which slickedit does not seem able to do...
With VSCode, you can open a directory.  This then creates a project/workspace like list of all files under that directory which you can then quickly open/close by clicking on them.
Even better, you can search the entire directory tree's files for a term.

I've been using slickedit for oh, at least 15 years, can it do this?
Title: Re: way to open directory as 'project' or 'workspace?
Post by: Dan on March 12, 2018, 01:48:39 pm
Have you looked at File>File Manager.  This isn't going to be exactly what you want but might get you in the ballpark.

Is there a reason multi-file search won't work for second issue?
Title: Re: way to open directory as 'project' or 'workspace?
Post by: ealbers on November 20, 2019, 02:59:07 pm
The File Manager really isn't a solution,
its funny its now over a year from my question and I forgot I had asked it, so I was googling to see if slickedit could open a folder again and came across my own question....

Seriously, get a copy of visual studio code...its free, try opening a folder at the top of a dir with lots of levels and cpp files, and see how trivially easy it makes quickly getting stuff done....
Slickedit allows easy opening of tiled windows (I use brief emulation), and really, the tiled windows is the only reason I still use slickedit, since no other editor is able to do it.....
But I need to be able to open folders with lots of levels of files in them, they are on shared drives, and I often am having to keep visual studio code open side by side with slickedit, using it to navigate and find tagged items, then moving to slickedit to actually edit the now found files....
There must be a way for slicked to have a 'Open Folder' option, where that folder would now be like a project and have all files tagged etc....
Title: Re: way to open directory as 'project' or 'workspace?
Post by: SlickEdit Support on November 20, 2019, 03:10:37 pm
You can drag a folder into SlickEdit from your File Explorer.  If there is no project/workspace open you'll get a Project creation dialog to run through.  If there's an existing project/workspace open then you will be presented with an Add Tree dialog.

Hope this information helps.

SlickEdit Support