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Title: What determines which tag files are in the "symbols" pane?
Post by: macjohnmcc on September 05, 2018, 03:52:06 pm
I am not seeing the Windows SDK tag file in the symbols pane and no auto completion of symbols from the Windows SDK are happening. I see that some of the tag files such as the Visual Studio 2015 tag file are showing. I do have a tag file for Windows SDK that was created using Auto Tag option. I also see tag files that are not useful for the project like "Python" and "Visual Basic" for my purely C/C++ project. Can I remove some of those tag files from the view as well? I am happy if the only response I get is a pointer to the relevant location in documentation.

I am using Slickedit 2017 on Windows 10 X64. I also have the beta fro Slickedit 2018 installed.
Title: Re: What determines which tag files are in the "symbols" pane?
Post by: Dennis on September 05, 2018, 09:35:26 pm
Your Windows SDK tag file will show up as a Compiler Tag file if you go to Tools > Tag Files...

For it to show up under the Symbols pane, it would need to be the active compiler tag file.  To do that, go to Project > Project Properties >  Compile/Link and select the Windows SDK tag file as your active compiler tag file for your project.  Note that this option is configuration dependent, so you might have to change it for more than one configuration, depending on your project setup.

Symbols shows all tag files for all language modes.  The only filtering done is adding in your workspace and project tag file, and the compiler tag files (and those only apply to C/C++ and Java at this time).  You can trim things down by going to Tools > Tag Files... and removing some of the language specific tag files that you do not use, however, some of these are auto-generated when you are working in specific languages, so you can delete them, but they will come back.

We have not had many complaints about the Symbols tool window behaving this way, probably primarily because people don't use it all that much.  The Defs tool window, Find Symbol tool window and Context Tagging(R) based symbol navigation are much more effective.
Title: Re: What determines which tag files are in the "symbols" pane?
Post by: macjohnmcc on September 05, 2018, 09:46:04 pm
I was concerned more about the auto completion not so much about the Symbols pane specifically. There were two tag files created when I clicked AutoTag. One was for the Visual Studio 2015 include folder which does not include the windows sdk files. The other was the Windows SDK files. I'd like auto completion to work for both but it was not working for Windows SDK until I made a tag file that combined both of those into a single tag file.