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Title: B3: Odd function name completion issue
Post by: jc44 on September 06, 2018, 05:01:02 pm
I have a small function:

static void hw_mmal_pic_set_subpic(picture_t * pic, picture_t * subpic, int x, int y, int alpha)
    pic_ctx_subpic_t * const sub = &((pic_ctx_mmal_t *)pic->context)->sub;
    sub->subpic = picture_Hold(subpic);
    sub->x = x;
    sub->y = y;
    sub->alpha = alpha;

When typing this I got to the "sub->subpic = picture_" bit.  I got a number of suggestions in a pop up (as expected) but when I typed the 'H' all the choices vanished and I was left with an empty box.  I then went back and typed an 'h' instead and I got "picture_Hold()" as the (expected) suggestion.  Whilst I like the case-insensitive match, I do feel that I should still get the suggestion if I get the case right!

[addendum: whilst this 'feature' was repeatable (3 times) when I wrote this, it now all works as expected so I suspect it may be tricky to reproduce]