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Title: 'Font style' from 'Colors' option in Appearance cfg for 'Function' not working
Post by: tsellman on December 10, 2018, 07:01:07 pm
SlickEdit Pro 2018 (v23.0.0.11 64-bit)  on Fedora 29
New install of SlickEdit.   
Selecting Tools->Options->Appearance->Colors->General->Function  with profile of Light: Default
The sample view for c/c++ shows the function 'main' in bold (with corresponding 'Font style' radio button 'Bold' selected). However this is not reflected in my actual code windows.  The 'sample view' will follow changes as directed by the radio button selection, but the actual code windows do not follow.  No change is seen whether 'Apply' is selected under 'Options' or not.  I have not made any other intentional custom changes that I'm aware of.  Someone else in our group experiences the same thing.