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Title: Excluding .vpj/.vtg/.vpwhist/.vpw files from my project
Post by: walter on February 23, 2021, 03:35:25 am
Ive installed slickedit on new machines many times over the years and I regularly forget to exclude all the slickedit filetypes when adding a new tree to my project. (I always create my project in the root of my source tree so the tree always includes the slickedit files.)

Am I missing out on a nice feature to prevent slickedit from picking up its own file types in the tree?
If this isn't a feature, then I think it'd be nice to have a checkbox to auto exclude slickedit filetypes.
Title: Re: Excluding .vpj/.vtg/.vpwhist/.vpw files from my project
Post by: Clark on February 23, 2021, 01:40:12 pm
If you drag/drop one or more directories onto the Projects tool window, there are user configurable default excludes that SlickEdit will uses (Tools>Options>Application Options>General>Exclude filespecs). When using this method, SlickEdit will remember other options like whether you want to "Add as wildcard" etc. The default settings for Exclude filespecs does exclude all the files you want excluded.

When the Add Tree dialog is accessed in other ways, it restores your previous settings but if you start with a clean config, you won't have any previous settings.