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Title: SCM Integration problem
Post by: Wanderer on October 11, 2007, 04:03:23 pm
SlickEdit 12.0.3, WinXP,  AccuRev 4.5.3.

When I right-click on a file in the Projects toolbar and choose Version Control->Checkin:
-- Prompted for a comment
-- Check Apply to All Files.
-- Click OK.
-- Check-In dialog appears (In AccuRev, you 'keep' then 'promote' a file), choose 'Keep', click OK
-- Crash:
 This property or method is not allowed on this object
vc.ex 37224 static(1430,C:\Work\Build\Bin\doccCfg\Dev\DoccCfg.cs,)
   p_window_id: 459
   p_object: OI_FORM
vc.ex 37432 static(C:\Work\Build\Bin\doccCfg\Dev\DoccCfg.cs,)   p_window_id: 459   p_object: OI_FORM   p_name:
vc.ex 26633 static(45,C:\Work\Build\Bin\doccCfg\Dev\DoccCfg.cs)
   p_window_id: 459
   p_object: OI_FORM
vc.ex 30247 vccheckin(C:\Work\Build\Bin\doccCfg\Dev\DoccCfg.cs,Add MIPROFILESYMBOLS)
   p_window_id: 45
   p_object: OI_TREE_VIEW
   p_name: _proj_tooltab_tree