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Title: Any way to stop 'find files' from changing the directory?
Post by: JSacharuk on August 17, 2006, 06:22:30 pm
So, I use the 'Find File' facility a lot. We've got a lot of files in a lot of different directories. I'd like to set the top level directory that it searches from and not have to go back and change it every time I successfully find a file. Right now, every time I find the file that I'm looking for, it sets its current directory to wherever that file was, even though it's more than likely that the next file that I look for will be in a much different part of the hierarchy. I've tried fiddling with the 'Expand Alias' and 'Process Chdir' checkboxes, but I haven't seen any difference (and I'm still not sure what they do.)

Anyone have any advice?