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Title: CUA _select_type()=='' unless......
Post by: MindprisM on January 09, 2009, 04:56:55 pm
How can I determine the _select_type under CUA? Is there a way to get this information for a selection that isn't locked?

<Shift-right>                                                   _select_type=='', not 'CHAR'?
<select_char() key><right><select_char() key>     _select_type=='CHAR',  ok!
<select_char() key><right>                                _select_type=='', not 'CHAR'?

same with <select_line() key>
but <select_block() key><right><down><my_keyhandler()>    my_keyhandler() isnt called, instead the block is replaced with the key my_keyhandler() is assigned to. BUT _select_type=='BLOCK'

Is the correct and reproducible? (I don't see anywhere I mucked up the original source)
How do I determine what is happening with the selection under CUA without flagging the source?
The count_lines_in_selection() won't work without a locked selection.