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Title: "My SlickEdit Config"
Post by: Brandon Hamm on September 14, 2006, 08:47:57 pm
Is the slickedit configuration directory (more specifically, its contents) transferable between platforms?  I would like take my slickedit configuration that I use on my "primary" work machine (Windows XP) and use the same configuration on my Linux machine?  Can I just copy the contents of the configuration directory or is there some procedure that must be followed, or are they just not compatible?

P.S. I would just try it, but I *almost* like how my Linux machine is setup and I don't want to lose what I do currently have in place, if it were to break Slickedit by copying my windows configuration over.

Thanks for the help!
Title: Re: "My SlickEdit Config"
Post by: Dennis on September 14, 2006, 09:23:38 pm
Parts of the configuration are transferable, like your color schemes (uscheme.ini) and lexers (user.vlx).

The rest is not transferable between Windows and Unix, primarily because anything involving path separators is going to be different, and your state file (vslick.sta on Windows, vslick.stu on Unix) is compiled specifically for Windows or Unix.  Also, several of the configuration files have different names on Windows and Unix, for example vusrdefs.e vs. vunxdefs.e.

Note, however, that you can transfer or share your configuration directory between any one of our supported Unix platforms, including MacOS X.  Just keep in mind, that usually when you transfer between machines, some of your settings, such as search paths are no longer the same.
Title: Re: "My SlickEdit Config"
Post by: Brandon Hamm on September 14, 2006, 09:51:10 pm
Thanks Dennis.  I figured that much.  I was mostly concerned about key bindings, color schemes, aliases, etc.  From your response, it sounds like those items will transfer over just fine.

Thanks for the help and speedy reply!